Map and Navigation
Connected technology - information is at your fingertips.
PATEO provides its own navigation engine and map widgets. Backed with map data, that can be online, offline, or hybrid. We offer integration across various map data providers, including Baidu, AutoNavi, NAVINFO and HERE.
The driver can exploit the best out of data available from various content categories and that too with seamless experience. This includes traffic information, weather, flights, intelligent transportation system and smart city.
Simple User
PATEO Map and Navigation can integrate user data and navigation to offer extremely simple experience, for example, automatic route suggestion for daily commute identified by the user habit.
Mobility Life
Multi-mode navigation, experience the best out of your time.
LBS for Better
Based on map data and data from third-party service providers, PATEO Map and Navigation can build more real service scenarios and stronger advertising ability.
Information for
Higher CSI
PATEO Map and Navigation can provide users with more accurate navigation information and road information to make every trip more efficient.
PATEO Map and Navigation can integrate incremental updates and real-time Internet data, so as to provide better map and trip services despite low-price hardware.
Cloud map and trip data of PATEO Map and Navigation, combined with Telematics services, are used for driving habit analysis, POI analysis, drive journal analysis and other big data analysis, to generate more added value for enterprises focusing on innovative mobility.
PATEO and Baidu started their strategic cooperation on MapAuto (Baidu in-vehicle Map) and are cooperating on intelligent vehicle solutions and services.
Besides, relying on in-depth cooperation with HERE, PATEO Map and Navigation can provide users with precise navigation information outside of the vehicle. HERE has strong indoor locating ability through Wi-Fi locating points and indoor maps of vavious venues , and is enriching the indoor map of places such as department stores, malls, parking lots and office buildings.

Geely Boyue NL-3A Project


Foton Borgward BX7 Project

iVoka2.0 VI-based Driving Assistant

IPDA Project

Roewe 350 InkaNet

Amap and Traffic Data of Auto Navi

SAIC AS21 Project

Roewe 550 Project

Roewe 360 Project

Geely Boyue NL-3 Project

PPTV Smart Home Project

WeLink and Map Services of NAVINFO, and CENNAVI

inkaNet 2.0 and Map & Navigation

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