IPDA is PATEO's first commercial product developed according to the principles of "excellent quality, experience and interaction", and provides better user experience than smart phones. PATEO has invested over 100 million RMB in building PATEO Operating System platform, and integrated it with its Core Platform (Freescale). IPDA is also PATEO's first product for which PATEO has conducted user management and frequent update every 3 weeks, and reached user daily activeness of over 87%.

From 2009 to 2013, PATEO's OS R&D Team with 110 members achieved quick cold start (6s), which complies with EMC test standards of SAIC SMTC 3 800 006. From 2013 to 2016, PATEO's OS R&D Team with 140 members is able to build platform for the following aspects: Android OS update; compatibility of different versions of Android OS; synchronous update of different buses, different hardware platforms, different middleware, different apps and different HMIs; audio strategy; multi-app strategy; BUS update; long-term stability and use efficiency, etc. Besides, a complete platform solution is worked out by integrating PATEO OS, Cloud, and TSP platform. PATEO OS is by far one of the world's advanced, stable, and safest operating systems based on Android OS, and one of the operating systems compliant with applicable vehicle standards and with the largest user scale. Since 2009, PATEO has invested over RMB 300 million in R&D of PATEO OS.
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