We don't want an armchair strategist but one with practical experience

Instead of experts and lecturers at forums, PATEO likes to work with talents with practical experience and down-to-earth attitude. Practice is the best way to test employees' ability, and empty talk leads to nothing. Experience derived from practice is the best stepping-stone to success. It is a belief of PATEO that only talents who have participated in about 10 key projects and been the leader of one or two successful projects can implement its values. Therefore, PATEO hopes to work with talents with rich practice and experience.

We prefer outcome-oriented people over those with countless excuses.

No task can circumvent difficulties and obstacles from planning to implementation. Many people will lower expectations for the outcome or even set no requirements under the excuse of challenges caused by limited resources, tight schedule, great technical difficulties and poor team work, etc. However, PATEO believes that the outcome is the only measure for teams, especially the outcome achieved by core teams, which is one of the tenets of PATEO core teams. Only by relying on outcome-oriented teams can PATEO quickly achieve its objectives.

High integrity leads to success while low integrity to failure

Nowadays, vast opportunities are available to both companies and individuals. PATEO cherish people and teams with high integrity and reputation, and look down upon those without loyalty and integrity. It is a belief of PATEO in the future, adherence to integrity and reputation may result in loss of short-term interests, but may be conducive to building a positive image for individuals and teams, which is the cornerstone for producing sustainable brand value for PATEO. Moreover, such adherence can help PATEO and its teams win respect from customers, partners and the industry.

Clear boundary and adherence to self-positioning are PATEO style

In the era invested with opportunities, it is a must for a rapid-growing enterprise in China to stick to its boundary and clear positioning. PATEO is committed to working with all automotive companies, Internet companies, new vehicle manufacturers, and Telematics companies, and will never become a car manufacturer, which is its boundary and positioning of business. Meanwhile, PATEO is also interested in cooperating with excellent companies in the fields of chip, voice, maps, and screens, etc., on the condition that both parties respect the talents and businesses of the other party--this is PATEO's boundary and positioning of strategic cooperation. We firmly believe that in the face of great opportunities, only by sticking to its positioning and boundary can an enterprise win respect from the industry and achieve long-term business growth. A short-sighted enterprise, which win business opportunities by giving up its boundary and positioning, cannot survive in the long run.

Combine integrity and ability for a healthy life

Correct attitudes will help cultivate the moral character for the sake of family harmony, country management and world peace. PATEO thinks that talents must have both the ability and political integrity. With poor behavior and morality, a person of great ability will have difficulty in standing above others. We believe that a person without faith seldom holds in awe and veneration, one without filial piety is seldom loyal, and one without care for family and family members lacks sense of responsibility. In PATEO, we advocate a healthy life, in the hope that PATEO teams can take care of their family, honor their parents, and improve the living standard of themselves and their family members.

Innovation is in our DNA

There is much room for China to make improvement in terms of originality and innovation. Therefore, PATEO hopes to attract talents with original and innovative ideas and the ability to implement them. Besides, PATEO also hopes to recruit product or project managers who are in pursuit of perfection. Innovation is in the DNA of PATEO, and it is thus a hope of PATEO to have more talents who can contribute to its innovation and ultimate user experience.

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