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It is hard to achieve perfection, but we strive to build a team in pursuit of perfection.

PATEO Product Manager

The design principle of PATEO
is providing Fine Quality Innovative Experience,
Intelligent Interaction.


All PATEO products are developed based on the R&D concept of Fantastic, so as to provide users with ultimate experience.


Frequent 频发

To fulfill the frequent requests from our users is the motivation of product research and development at PATEO. Every time the user drives out of a parking lot or enters highway, an in-vehicle alert will be triggered to notice the user about corresponding charges being paid, helping the user to save time and money without buying extra devices.


Amazing 惊艳

Say goodbye to your habits with our smart home system. When you go downstairs and start your car, the smart home system will turn off automatically and the robot cleaner will start working. When you are on your way home, the electric cooker will be turned on to prepare dinner while the washing machine will start based on your ETA. When the food in the refrigerator are about to be used up, you will receive notification and purchase food from you car.


Necessary 刚需

The device can well plan the routes between your office and home by taking record of your preferred routes for every ride and data from camera, and automatically recommends the best route for you.


Tasteful 品味

We pay great attention to details and make no compromise when it comes to product and service quality. Take the anti-glare screen as an example. In the early stage, we have invested enormously in R&D, and spent almost one year on AG/AI/AF improvement, so as to provide users with high-definition and anti-glare integrated instrument and screen.


Advanced 先进

On your way home, if you wife asks you via WeChat to bring home a bottle of olive oil, your car will not only display this information from WeChat, but also take your order of buying the olive oil based on your purchase record. Upon your confirmation, an order will be placed on your behalf and the product will then be delivered to your home. PATEO’s ability to integrate AI, WeChat and e-commerce can provide users with fantastic experience.


Simple 极简

Simpler design makes operation more convenient. Users no longer have to operate various APPs, and all operations can be done via voice. PATEO is cooperating with UAES to develop a new device, with which users can access in-vehicle entertainment and all settings with voiceprint. The keyless design will allow users to have rich experience with the simpliest design.


Touching 触动

PATEO hopes to be a lifelong partner to all the users. When a song is played in a radio program, the device will display all similar songs for you to choose. When the wiper works on rainy days, the device will automatically play your favorite French song. When you press the "Next" button, the system will choose the next song based on your preference. We hope that APP switch can be smooth and natural without making extra efforts. You do not have to give detailed instructions as the device can understand your preferences and emotions based on your habits, and provide considerate services accordingly.


Intelligent 智能

No need to worry about your trip planning anymore. You can get to know the list of Italian restaurants you have visited in the past three months, or find out the exact location of the most famous western restaurant in Shanghai, or search for scenic spots in at tourist destination. We are dedicated to providing the best answers for all your questions. PATEO navigation service means more than navigating the car from Point A to Point B, but rather provide users with the best travel solution possible based on the search data of several billion people.


Creative 创造

PATEO is born for innovation. It has launched the world's first vehicle with access to 3G network, and the first to launch in-vehicle OTA update technology, anti-glare glass and in-vehicle device with natural speech system. Creativity and originality have long been in our DNA. Let us expect the witness of PATEO’s next big step on innovation!

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