Map and Navigation are among the most complained services by users. In 2012, PATEO launched China's first Telematics product with active congestion avoiding feature, which is one year earlier than that of the largest map APPof the time. Since then, PATEO had launched its own navigation engine, software and cloud architecture, and later adopted map data provided by Auto Navi and NAVINFO. By 2016, PATEO could provide navigation and mobility services in 200 countries by utilizing the global data of HERE.

With advent of autonomous driving, navigation technology is no longer the core of Telematics industry, and mobility from Point A to Point B will be taken charge of by machines. Now, the key technology of Telematics lies in user-based big data and AI map service. Since it established the Map and Navigation team in 2011, it has been an aim of PATEO to make use of map data and Internet map data, and to better meet the demand of users through user management and innovative products. Meanwhile, PATEO has paid attention to the following aspects: How to build local map and cloud map; how to equip low-price hardware with small-capacity map; how to realize incremental update of map; how to make precise push based on user mobility habits and driving habits; how to better integrate mobility and popular communication app in China; how to provide intelligent mobility services covering flight, car and metro system; how to make service referrals according to online LBS and catering, tourism, movie, and group purchase data; how to conduct UBI insurance and mobility data analysis based on users' mobility data; how to provide non-local intelligent services and social networking service based on users' mobility data; etc. In addition to international map service covering 200 countries, PATEO and Here have also jointly worked on indoor location technology so as to provide accurate off-car navigation information. On the basis of PATEO OS and Cloud, PATEO Map and Navigation has the potential to integrate smart cars, smart home and intelligent wearable products.
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