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PATEO is a leading provider of on-chip safety solutions.
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Security is at the heart of Telematics industry. PATEO posseses its competence in keeping software, hardware and cloud platform secure. We are the first in the industry to launch chip-scale security solution, Telematics cloud security solution as well as hardware security solution for pre-instal Telematics businesses.

We Want Provide Secured Feeling But also Enjoyable Experience
Your dream of a highly secured but intellegent expereice can come true with our 3-in-1 solution that integrates Linux, QNX and Android systems into one product since it will take the advantages of each system to their maxium and seamlessly combine high security with high-quality experience togather for you.
PATEO is providing Telematics T-Box solutions from 2010. Our portfolio includes 2G, 3G, 4G solutions. The solutions are based on Linux, and are fully configurable as per the needs of the OEM, additionally various car network topologies can be chosen to connect and integrate T-Box inside the car network. Furthermore, with close integration of telematics CP/SP services through our SDK, customers can get a lot more than traditional T-Box services available in market. The T-Box supports call functions E-Call, I-Call, B-Call (optionally with PATEO Call Center), real-time vehicle status monitoring, driving behavior analysis, stolen vehicle recovery assistance, vehicle alarm notification, trip recording, door-lock-unlock, window up-down, geo fencing, push POI and many more.
So far, the system has been installed in all Geely Boyue series and Emgrand GS series.
Vehicle Control and Diagnosis
PATEO has rich experience in vehicle control, OTA vehicle data update and remote control, and owns competent security and assistance ability and perfect service network. As vehicle control and diagnosis requires high safety authentication, the system introduces two-way authentication based on previous security communication measures, so as to guarantee information and communication security during control and diagnosis.

Audi Security and Assistance Project

Geely Boyue NL-3A Project


Foton Borgward BX7 Project

iVoka2.0 VI-based Driving Assistant

IPDA Project

Roewe 350 InkaNet

SAIC AS21 Project

PSA Telematics Project

Roewe 550 Project

Roewe 360 Project

Geely Boyue NL-3 Project

inkaNet 2.0 and Map & Navigation

Audi TSP Project

Porsche E-Call Project

Bentley E-Call Project

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