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I have won IF Design Award and Red Dot Award for several times, but I still remember my initial mission.

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Industrial design
Connect Yourself with Your Car
The relationship between vehicle and its users has been an important topic to PATEO where huge values and opportunities are found, and where inspirations of design just happen naturally. When using Telematics products from PATEO, users can easily cheer for the excellent design ideas behind the products. At PATEO, design is based on thorough consideration for users. Between "developing an in-vehicle product" and "designing driving experience", we have chosen the latter. We have been earnestly following such a concept and constantly improving user experience.
Home Entertainment
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Voice-controlled HES Brings Convenience to the Whole Family

Home Entertainment System ("HES") is a smart home terminal. PATEO has put forward a solution that can link intelligent cars and the smart home system.

In the Chinese culture, "family" means a lot to everyone. Therefore, our design is centered on the shape of "roundness", representing the reunion of family. We've found that, various buttons with respective function make it difficult for users to quickly choose the right one. Thus, we have eliminated all buttons and allow users to operate the product simply via voice. Due to the lack of directivity in low frequency, we put the woofer at the bottom and the tweeter on the top, so as to ensure full coverage of the room by the speaker system.

iVoka Q for Smart Car Life and Smart Home

iVoka Q is an intelligent terminal designed for smart car life and smart home. After extensive research, it is believed that a product like Ivoka Q could leverage PATEO’s strength in voice interaction and cloud.

As of the exterior design, rectangular screen is not the best choice for emotions between human and machine. As a result, we have adopted a round face and a rounded head to humanize the product. iVoka Q can turn its head and make other gestures like nodding, shaking and moving its head, while the spherical head made of metal implies the high-tech style of iVoka Q.

More importantly, the body of iVoka Q adopts modular design, allowing the users to choose different bases in various scenarios, turning the product into a smart home terminal, an air purifier, a portable speaker, or other intelligent products.

I.P.D.A Smart Glass S: Balance between Experience and Safety

PATEO has made many breakthroughs in designing I.P.D.A Smart Glass S. For example, the optical display cluster is located below the eyesight level, while most of AR glasses in the market have their optical display cluster located above the eyesight level, which easily leads to visual fatigue especially when users are driving. . Another example is that our smart glasses can be converted into ordinary optical glasses in simple steps. It can be personalized by changing the frame or color. The outstanding product is the result of achieving a balance among different aspects by the design team.

It is worth mentioning that wearable device is the perfect example of products with "balanced design". The design team has to find a balance among the following aspects: ergonomics, comfort, safety, weight, materials, battery life, and other important elements. Every change in demand will lead to a series of problems. For instance, longer battery life will undoubtedly result in the increase of the size of battery, longer charging time, weight increase, unbalanced weight distribution, poor exterior design, and impaired comfort and so on. Our design team has adhered to the design objective of "excellent quality, experience and interaction" so as to strike a balance among different elements.

I.P.D.A Smart Glass Case Features Excellent Design

Industrial design has to take into consideration of many elements, including the product itself, accessories, packaging and display effect. The quality and design of a tiny accessory can demonstrate the attitudes of a company or a designer. Success depends on details. Therefore, when designing the case for I.P.D.A Smart Glass, we have innovatively added charging function to the case, so that the glasses can be charged when put away in the case. Besides, we have adopted "Soft-Cut" design language, and made it possible for the case to stand on the table by cutting off extra parts on both sides, which helps reduce the size and protect the surface of the case. Moreover, natural and clear design implication has also improved the display effect of the case.

iVoka HUD Facilitates Natural Interaction

In the future, when HUD (Heads-Up Display) becomes an unavoidable trend, we will consistently follow the design concept of natural interaction in cars so as to ensure user safety. Therefore, we have adopted intelligent voice technology and gesture recognition technology to minimize distraction of users' attention. Unlike other products, Combiner and Mirror, employing inductive control and micro-motor control, can be automatically retracted and opened, making natural interaction for reality. If we are determined to replace manual operation with voice control, there will not be any other form of HMI from the beginning to the end.

Safety Is the First Priority in Vehicles

Since its establishment, PATEO has been working closely with premium brands. When designing Rear Entertainment System ("RES"), an integral part of the IVI system for luxury car brands, we have maintained high standards in design.

Considering the unique features of the rear seats, we have paid great attention to safety during product design by keeping the front and side R-angle of the product above 5°. However, this created difficulties in appearance as well as production. After many attempts, we have managed to design a beautiful product in line with relevant design requirements and safety standards. The damping spring and self-destruct structure for the bracket guarantee the high stability despite the bumps on the road, and ensure safety of rear-seat passengers through automatic falling off when the bracket suffers certain impact.

In terms of HMI, the combination of voice interaction and gesture recognition were used toallows users to enjoy pleasant experience from their rear seats.

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