New Baojun RS-3 Refreshes Your Imagination of Intelligent Vehicles

On Oct. 29th, at the “Online Intelligence & Unlimited Capabilities” launch event of New Baojun RS-3 held in Shijiazhuang, the permanent site for the China International Digital Economy Expo, more than 100 black technologies, as well as functional optimizations and upgrades were announced. With the empowerment from mobile phone, intelligent vehicles really get smarter, so that they are able to understand not only your words, but also your mind and habits, thus becoming your best friend. At the same time, the New Baojun RS-3 also comes with an upgraded version of the new intelligent connectivity system.

What is worth mentioning is that this new intelligent connectivity system supports the newly developed red packet-snatching feature by overwhelmingly dominating the screen, making it convenient to grab the red packet even in the car. When a red packet appears, you don't have to look down any more, but just say "snatch the red packet" calmly, or quickly swipe your finger across any area of the screen, then the red packet is momentarily yours.

The three superior capabilities are the thinking outcomes based on the countless rounds of in-depth communication between PATEO, New Baojun and industrial partners, aimed to cope with the needs for the automotive industry to develop towards intelligent connectivity and transform towards mobility service.

Strong Performance – The bottlenecks in the performance and update of the traditional intelligent IVI have been solved. By leveraging the computing power of the smartphone, the boot speed is 100 times that of the traditional IVI, and the computing speed is also improved by 20 times, with faster system update and iteration, so that your car can be updated at any time to stay at the forefront of technology. 

Fast Update – Since its launch in this Sept., it has ushered in major functional updates in just over a month, and there will be multiple iterative updates every year. Today, we have brought you the new version 1.5 of the intelligent connectivity system of New Baojun, which will refresh your imagination of intelligent vehicles, while redefining the user's intelligent and connected life.

Data Security – Initiatively save all user data on user's mobile phone, without touching the account, the interface and the data, while generating no residual data.

Next, let’s experience its black technologies through the video of New Baojun RS-3:

No need to worry about forgetting where you’ve parked the car
You can always find it no matter where it is through the “navigation to car” feature on the phone

No need to worry about forgetting to bring the key
Shake the mobile phone, and say goodbye to the traditional car key

When it rains, you can simply say “it’s raining”
“Rain/Snow Mode on”

Over-the-air interconnection,
The mobile phone and the car are seamlessly connected,
Your New Baojun gets online instantly

Share the eating, drinking and entertaining information in Apps with New Baojun at any time,
It’ll remember, and offer to navigate for you

Send a voice message to Shen Hua:
“I’ll be right there. Where are you?”

Receive and send locations

Even, snatch red packets in the car.

With New Baojun, you can also
Book hotels, listen to music, watch movies, and even play games

This is New Baojun RS-3
Your 24/7 online digital cockpit

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