Shanghai PATEO Makes the List of China’s Top 500 Companies by Patent with Solid Strength Ranking First in Auto Industry by IoV Patents

As the leading IoV enterprise in China, Shanghai PATEO embraces a future worth expecting! 

Recently, the list of “China’s Top 500 Companies by Patent” was officially released in Guangzhou for the first time, on which Shanghai PATEO ranked 104th with a patent strength score of 84.57, coming first in the automotive industry by IoV patents, while also being the number 1 IoV patent holder among the players in the automobile, auto parts, Internet, NEV, intelligent connectivity and autonomous driving segments in China.

It is understood that the list is based on the evaluation of nine indicators of Chinese enterprises, including the number of patent applications, the number of patent family members and the number of patent claims, by taking the "AI + big data analysis" approach, aimed to offer guidance for Chinese enterprises to enhance IP awareness and capability, promote them to strengthen the cultivation and layout of high-value patents, and set benchmarks and examples for their patent work.

Based upon Technological Innovation to Win with Solid Strength

As a matter of fact, it is no accident that Shanghai PATEO is able to win the first place in terms of the patents in the IoV field, because it is not only involved in numerous links of the IoV sector, but also possesses technological innovation capabilities in many of them, forming its own unique competitive edge, and demonstrating strong technological innovation strength as well as substantial IP reserves.

As early as 2009 when the company was founded, it invested CNY 9 million in the IP, accounting for nearly 30% of the total yearly cost of CNY 20-30 million at that time. Since then, a large amount of money has been invested annually in patent application and patent maintenance, with annual R&D investment taking up 28% of its total revenue, which is at a leading level even on a global scale.

Currently, PATEO has become the forerunner and leader of the Chinese IoV industry. It boasts 2,967 IPRs, 85% of which are invention patents, and has created many firsts in the industry, making itself the enterprise with the most IPRs in the field, ranking first in China and fifth around the globe. More importantly, the more than 2,000 patents of PATEO cover the various aspects of hardware circuits, OS, application software, HMI, map & navigation, cloud services and autonomous driving. Enterprises making innovations on such a long industry chain are quite rare in the world, as most enterprises can only focus on a section of the industry chain.

While fully focusing on innovative R&D, Shanghai PATEO has embarked on a development road that’s different from that of its competitors with a development speed that stays ahead of other IoV companies. When other IoV companies are still engaged in activities in such primitive areas as security & rescue, vehicle control, music, map, weather, news, traffic violations inquiry, vehicle service, audio book and communication, PATEO has already made arrangements for the future, covering services for rigid driving demand, traveling by car, life, mobile phone & IoT, vehicle and mobility, as well as solutions that help car companies achieve the fully compatible payment capabilities, as according to founder Ken (Yilun) Ying, the models copied from the West that only stay at the revenue threshold of tens of millions Yuan will be increasingly marginalized, the companies who blindly copycat will be gradually eliminated from the market, and the enterprises that only simply access the ecosystem but are unable to make it integrated in a truly in-depth manner will be unsustainable. Therefore, Shanghai PATEO is looking at the future of the IoV by standing on the shoulders of the most excellent business giants in the automobile, communication, internet, and even the retail, finance, mobility and many other industries.

Fruitful Innovations: A More Promising Future

Since its establishment, although Shanghai PATEO has achieved fruitful results and won high recognition of the industry, it has not been complacent and content with the momentary success, but rather has been continuously carrying out in-depth cultivation on the road of innovation, and has never slacken its efforts on dedicated thinking about and ultimate pursuit for the IoV, while continuously expanding its eco friend circle to work with partners from the internet, communications technology, automobile, finance, communication, retail, insurance and other industries to launch numerous heavyweight innovative products.

Especially in this Jun., by installing the PATEO OS cloud on the user’s mobile phone, the Qing Mobile IoV jointly released by PATEO and New Baojun offers access to the OS cloud account on a mobile phone for the first time, and allows the mobile phone to truly get integrated into the New Baojun, which not only puts a car into the user’s pocket, but also truly turns the IoV from a 2-hour product into a 24-hour portable one by deeply imbedding all the features of a state-of-the-art smartphone into a car. 

It can be said that the PATEO • New Baojun Qing Mobile has ushered in an all-new era of the IoV. It is the first time in history that the IoV is fully opened to users, allowing them to make their own choice, marking the formal transition from the era of serving a single user to the era of serving multiple users in a car, while also truly declaring a final farewell to the past IoV era.

After launch, the product not only wins unanimous praise from the media and the user, but also gives another label to PATEO in addition to “More of an Expert in Internet than Automakers, More of a Specialist in Automobile than Internet Companies”, i.e., “More of an Expert in Mobile Phone than Automakers, More of a Specialist in Automobile than Mobile Phone Manufacturers".

What’s past is prologue. Being selected as one of “China’s Top 500 Companies by Patent” is a brand new start for PATEO. Especially amidst the megatrend of the Internet of Everything (IoE) in the current 5G era, the IoV technology will definitely bring more surprises to people’s mobility life, while PATEO, as the leading IoV enterprise in China, is obviously more worthwhile to look forward to! 

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