Shanghai PATEO Enters into Strategic Cooperation with NetEase by Joining the "Jifeng" Intelligent Manufacturing IoT Alliance

On Jul. 26th, the 2019 NetEase Cloud Innovation Conference kicked off in Hangzhou. Themed “Connectivity • Insight • Evolution”, the Conference brought together industry leaders & representatives and big names in the technical field to explore the trend of technological evolution and industrial application, and study and discuss the road to eco cooperation & upgrade and a win-win situation in the future. Shanghai PATEO participated in the Conference as an invited guest, and joined hands with 9 major organizations, including NetEase Hangzhou Research Institute, NetEase Yeation IoT Business Unit, BOSCH and Research Center for Technological Innovation, Tsinghua University, in announcing the establishment of the "Jifeng (literally, Gusty Wind)" Intelligent Manufacturing IoT Alliance at the Main Forum held in the morning, in a bid to offer the five solutions of Smart Factory (Intelligent Plant), Home Life, Smart Park, Intelligent Operation & Maintenance, and the Telematics World, thus providing IoT-based full-stack solutions for the upgrade of China's intelligent manufacturing.

Establishment Ceremony of the “Jifeng” Intelligent Manufacturing IoT Alliance

PATEO Cloud Service Facilitates Automotive Service Transformation

The “Jifeng” Intelligent Manufacturing IoT Alliance is jointly initiated by NetEase and the world’s leading Industrial Internet & intelligent manufacturing service companies, higher education institutions, research institutes and investors, adhering to the principle of “voluntariness, equality and cooperation”, and implementing the State Council’s Guiding Opinions on Deepening the "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry" to Develop the Industrial Internet, so as to accelerate the construction and development of the Industrial Internet, promote the deep integration of the internet, big data, AI and the real economy, develop the advanced manufacturing industry, and support the optimization and upgrade of traditional industries.

The Alliance will build an intelligent manufacturing and Industrial Internet ecosphere from four levels, namely, “cloud migration of enterprise infrastructure, cloud migration of enterprise platform system, cloud migration of enterprise business application, and cloud migration of enterprise equipment and product”, and leverage industrial resource advantage to address enterprises’ technology needs, and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, while the NetEase “Jifeng” Industrial Intelligence Platform, with IoT as the core, will be an important means for the Alliance to satisfy the technology needs of enterprises.

It is an Industrial Internet solution based on NetEase Cloud, NetEase Big Data, NetEase AI, NetEase IoT and other technologies, aimed to empower the equipment manufacturing, environmental engineering, new energy, supply chain and other industries with NetEase's advantageous technologies and experience through the industrial platform standardization model, link up the design, manufacturing, sales and other areas of an enterprise with the unique Smiling Curve model, help them solve management black holes, incorporate the lean production concept, achieve collaborative manufacturing, reduce enterprise operation and maintenance costs, increase production capacity, and help optimize enterprise quality management.

Arthur (Yinghui) Gao, Executive Director of PATEO Cloud R&D Center

PATEO cloud service functions as the “brain” of a vehicle, providing cloud computing power and service content for the IoV. The cloud provides support for terminal (IVI and mobile phone) applications, including basic service integration underpinned by functions of membership, transaction, payment, marketing and more.

The PATEO cloud business is vehicle-centered, aimed to support the business requirements generated throughout the life cycle of a vehicle, involving the vehicle sales, vehicle use and used car trade-in stages.

In the next stage of development, PATEO cloud will rely on the user big data platform to expand and upgrade basic user services, further satisfy the vehicle end users’ needs in the four scenarios of their life where smaller purchases occur at high frequency, namely, catering, entertainment, tourism and shopping, and expand the diversity of the solutions to address user needs, thus embedding operation and marketing into the scenarios of user’s life, and achieving the goal of proactive, intelligent and efficient marketing. While offering end users basic services, the cloud big data platform also performs in-depth mining and analysis of the massive user data, and provides intelligent user pairing for vehicle enterprises and the corresponding platforms, to realize the natural binding between the user and the service, and empower the user and the service provider in a smart way.

Ultimate User Experience Originates from Innovation & 100% Execution

Adhering to the core concept of “Ultimate Quality, Ultimate Experience and Ultimate Interaction”, Shanghai PATEO has now become the IoV product and service provider in China that boasts the strongest core competence, the widest customer coverage, the greatest number of invention patents, and the best product innovation and user experience, and is dedicated to creative thoughts, forward-looking R&D and integration, to realize groundbreaking user experience on the basis of its hardware, software & cloud platform offerings.

Innovation is the DNA of PATEO. As a leading IoV enterprise that attaches great importance to intellectual property and science & technology innovation, PATEO has accumulated 2,967 intellectual property rights, 85% of which are invention patents; then comes 100% execution. From innovative ideas to step-by-step implementation, nothing can be separated from the "result-oriented" Iron Army culture advocated by PATEO - take immediate action, solve the problem, grasp the details, and fully and thoroughly implement the strategy!

PATEO adheres to empowering automakers by innovating services, and helping them gradually change from a vehicle manufacturer and seller to a mobility service provider, while truly allowing users to enjoy "convenient purchase, safe driving, pleasant riding, easy parking, and worry-free maintenance".

In the future, the strategic collaboration between PATEO and NetEase will promote the intelligent development of the automotive industry, while providing vehicle manufacturers and end users with products and services that could deliver higher quality, greater intelligence and better user experience.

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