PATEO Cloud Service Facilitates Automotive Service Transformation

As the leader of the Chinese IoV industry, Shanghai PATEO has been intensively cultivating and making overall arrangements for the IoV. As early as 2010, PATEO worked with SAIC to lead the creation of the SAIC InkaNet vehicle connectivity service. In 2014, PATEO's first IoV projects for joint venture automakers were launched, that is, DS-Connect of Changan Peugeot Citroën, Citroën Connect of Dongfeng Citroën and Blue-i of Dongfeng Peugeot. Since then, its IoV business has been flourishing – by 2019, it has respectively established cooperation with multiple automakers both at home and abroad, including FAW-VW Audi, FAW-VW, SAIC VW, VW, Volvo, Porsche, Lamborghini, Geely, BAIC, BAIC BJEV, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle, Haima, SGMW, GWM, and Sinomach Automobile.

In the PATEO IoV business, cloud service is the "brain" of the vehicle, providing cloud computing power and service content for the IoV, while the cloud delivers support to the terminal (IVI and mobile phone) applications, including basic service integration underpinned by functions like membership, trading, payment and marketing.

The PATEO cloud business is vehicle-centered, aimed to support the business requirements generated throughout the life cycle of a vehicle, involving the vehicle sales, vehicle use and used car trade-in stages.

New Automotive Retail

The cloud business plays a key role in the total solution for new automotive retail, in that it provides a package of supporting services for the core functions involved in the whole vehicle purchase process, such as online & offline promotion and customer acquisition, online application for test ride / auto financing / insurance, online vehicle purchase order placing and online payment.

Ecosystem Comprised of Services of CP/SP

Create an eco service chain that covers the full scenarios both inside and outside the vehicle by centering around the business scenarios inside and outside the vehicle, starting from the needs for driving and life entertainment services, and integrating various signature eco services, such as intelligent parking, non-inductive payment on the highway, refueling and charging. 

Supported by the Capability of the Payment Platform

As a basic service function of the cloud business, the payment platform provides unified payment services for various business applications of PATEO. It integrates the current mainstream payment channels, and covers traditional online & offline payments as well as voice, face scan and other innovative payments, while supporting customized payment for car companies and realizing aggregate payment.

Supported by Basic Trading Service

To enable the front-end service applications to reach users, a series of basic service platforms for unified order, marketing / membership / operation / mall systems and big data have been built, laying a solid foundation for member operation, marketing and trading.

Supported by Vehicle Updating Services

The remote update technology is used to provide update services for the terminal components that can be connected to the network (e.g., the mobile phone, IVI, T-box and other terminal components that enable the complete vehicle to get connected). The user obtains the intelligent terminal component system update package (SPU) via the internet in an on-demand and extensible manner, then performs FOTA updates over the cloud, to complete system repair and optimization.

The abundant IoV cloud application services have also won many praises for PATEO during its years of service for automakers: in 2016, the DS-Connect intelligent connectivity system developed and operated by PATEO received “Brilliant T Brand Award of China in 2015” in the selection of the annual brilliant T (Telematics) awards of China; in 2017, PATEO won the “Most Innovative IoV Brand Award in 2017” at GGAI Automotive Industry Annual Conference 2017, and the FAW-VW Audi POI Call Center operated by it was awarded the “China Best Customer Contact Center in 2017” by Customer Contact Center Standard (CCCS) Committee; in 2018, it won the “Award for Annual R&D Contribution to Dongfeng Fengshen” at the Supplier Conference of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company, and in Nov. of that same year, the Volvo On Call Customer Service Center operated by it won two team awards – the “Award for Best Customer Contact Center of China” and the “Award for Best Service Experience of Chinese Customer Contact Center” at the presentation ceremony for the 16th China Best Customer Contact Center & Best Manager Awards hosted by CCCS.

In the next stage of development, PATEO cloud will rely on the user big data platform to expand and upgrade basic user services, further satisfy the vehicle end users’ needs in the four scenarios of their life where smaller purchases occur at high frequency, namely, catering, entertainment, tourism and shopping, and expand the diversity of the solutions to address user needs, thus embedding operation and marketing into the scenarios of user’s life, and achieving the goal of proactive, intelligent and efficient marketing. While offering end users basic services, the cloud big data platform also performs in-depth mining and analysis of the massive user data, and provides intelligent user pairing for vehicle enterprises and the corresponding platforms, to realize the natural binding between the user and the service, and empower the user and the service provider in a smart way.

As the leader of the current IoV industry of China, PATEO is still insisting on empowering automakers by innovating services, helping them gradually change from a vehicle manufacturer and seller to a mobility service provider, while truly allowing users to enjoy "convenient purchase, safe driving, pleasant riding, easy parking, and worry-free maintenance".

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