So Cool! IPDA Commercial - "The Amazing PATEO Navigator" Won 5 International Awards

    Recently, the Amazing PATEO Navigator, an I.P.D.A commercial, jointly produced by PATEO and McCann Shanghai won silver award as the only Chinese commercial nominated at London International Award, which is on a par with Cannes Advertising Festival.

    So far, the commercial has won five big awards in the advertising industry at home and abroad in 2016.

           ▏ 15th Cristal Awards: Gold Award

           ▏ 31st London International Awards: Sliver Award

           ▏ Busan Advertising Stars: Finalist

           ▏ One Show: Merit

           ▏ China Advertising Great-wall Awards 2016: Finalist

    The Amazing PATEO Navigator was produced in 6 weeks by Mr. Hadi Olanrewaju Shuaib, a famous commercial film director who is also a cooperative director of Apple Inc.. He mentioned that he's not surprised by the many honors won by IPDA commercial because IPDA was amazing in itself via integrating with so many cool design elements, and he wanted more people to know what IPDA was truly like because he believes that IPDA is capable of making life more enjoyable and would thus become a future trend.

    When shooting The Amazing PATEO Navigator, PATEO invited Mr. Steve Mottershead, a VFX artist who has firm cooperation with famous brands such as Apple Microsoft, Google, Audi, Jaguar etc. to shoot a product video. During the shooting, Mr. Mottershead used the word "cool" many times to describe the features of IPDA, such as the HI-FI DSP embedded in IPDA that boost sound effect which could be comparable to that of a home theater system, and the non-reflective glass panel allows clear display on the screen despite direct exposure to sunlight.

    In his eyes, the appearance of IPDA is comparable to the great progress of smart phones replacing feature phones.


    PATEO invested millions RMB into the development of IPDA. The product is more than a traditional navigator, but an intelligent personal driving assistant. It can minimize the distraction of driver’s attention by making the system faster, such as, shorten the startup time, navigation response time, blue tooth response time, and inter-app switch time. Besides, by virtue of its great achievements in speech recognition technology, IPDA is possible to be completely controlled through speech.  

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