PATEO: Hit Several Global Tops and Lead Connected Car Industry

    PATEO developed the first 3G car with smart system, 3 years earlier than our competitors. It also developed the first car capable of being remotely updated online, four years earlier than the next player...PATEO, founded in Shanghai six years ago, has grown as the largest player in Telematics technology in China. Ken Ying, founder and Chairman of PATEO, disclosed:" Our core competitiveness lies in innovation."

    "We 'fell' several times and encountered many so-called ‘unsolvable problems’. But we managed to hold on and even walk faster than expected." Ken said.

    PATEO has applied for over 1,000 patents, of which 650 have been approved. Intensive investment in innovation R&D fuels PATEO to grow as a leader in global Telematics field with the largest customer base. PATEO has not only accumulated rich experience and professional knowledge in the fields of multi-media, software technology, Internet and marketing, but also pooled over 600 intellectual property rights in excellent HMI UE design, OS and APP development based on cloud computation.

    Besides, PATEO has won many awards, including Silver Award of China International Industry Fair, Award for China's Excellent Enterprise in Innovation, CITE Award for Innovation Products and Application, Award of China Telematics Salon, Annual Award for Telematics Products Innovation, etc., Also, PATEO's innovative product iVoka was granted with Hannover Messe Platinum Award in Germany.  

    PATEO has directly participated in development of over 10 national standards in automotive information industry and several industry standards as a member national high-tech enterprise association, pilot enterprise of SIPO of the PRC, and member of the drafting and constituting panel on Telematics standards of the MIIT of the PRC.  

    Currently, many international companies have established or maintained close relationship with PATEO, including Intel, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, FSL, Google, Apple, and glass manufacturer Corning, Internet companies Ali, Tencent and Baidu, as well as autonomous driving and proactive safety tech providers Vaelo and Mobileye.

    In addition, as V2X technology can be the key to break through the current bottleneck of autonomous driving technology, PATEO has cooperated with Intelligent Vehicle Institute of BIT (Beijing Institute of Technology) - an autonomous car implant with PATEO technology is under the alpha test at the moment.  

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