Reuters: PATEO's In-vehicle OS Debuts at CES

    At CES 2015, PATEO, a leading Telematics company, exhibited it's IVI product: iVoka Auto. In addition to such characteristics as 8-inch capacitive screen, iMX6Q quad-core processor and full-touch operation mode, PATEO also introduced ivoka OS, the IVI operating system of iVoka Auto to the whole world.

    As is known to all, Apple launched CarPlay one year ago and Google also introduced its Android M program at the end of 2014. Many analysts hold that participation of the two giants leaves other companies few opportunities in this field, but PATEO engineers have a different opinion: PATEO has been engaged in research and development of IVI operating system earlier than Apple. Six years’ of experience in the automotive industry enables PATEO to realize that it is not a good idea to simply integrate the existing Internet with vehicle. One of the PATEO engineer explains that:

    “Considering the real driving circumstance, we have optimized the startup speed of iVoka OS, which can be started in only a few seconds. Even in extreme situations, iVoka OS can run smoothly for up to 1,500 hours and guarantee zero breakdown. The product quality is compliant with vehicle regulation standards. Besides, with providing convenience to users in mind, for those who are driving, iVoka OS adopts flat interactive interface and unified menu.”  

    After a quick try, the reporter finds that iVoka OS has its unique features:  

    First, the operating speed is rather impressive, with the startup time shorter than that of any cell phone;  

    Second, it is featured by excellent voice recognition rate, so most operating instructions can be inputted via natural speech;  

    Third, its standard operating interface with flat design enables users to conduct complex operations with only a few motions, such as navigation positioning, music download and collection etc.. 

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