2015 CES: PATEO iVoka OS Creates the Best IVI Operating System

    On January 5th U.S. time, PATEO made a mysterious appearance at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (hereinafter shortened as CES) with the first vehicle electronic product iVoka Auto and IVI operating system iVoka OS.

    Telematics and connected car are no longer new concepts. But for the moment, except for Android M, which was disclosed in last May, there was barely an operating system exclusively developed for vehicle electronic product. Google and Apple were simply transplanting mobile phone OS to vehicle electronic products as the IVI OS, which inevitably caused slow start, slow running, frequent restart and crash, eventually low satisfactory in user experience.

    To solve the mentioned problems, PATEO brought iVoka OS to CES this year, a product integrated the strengths of mobile phone and vehicle electronic product OS.  

    Here are the key features (test results) from media friends:

    1. Quick startup. Avoid trouble caused by slow startup.  

    2. Stable system performance with smooth running, no abnormal restart or crash.  

    3. Unified UE interface. Bring minimal design style, concise and convenient operation.  

    4. Seamless connection with vehicles.  

    5. Integrate a series of convenient services which can be controlled/accessed through one key.

    6. Powerful voice control functions. Eliminate unnecessary traditional buttons.  

    7. Easy management of the sound conflict during driving. Media sound and system sound can be easily recognized.

    Beyond the above mentioned product features, any Telematics developer can use iVoka OS as their operating system. As one of the on-site engineers pointed out: “ Various in-depth customizations are available on iVoka OS. Customizations are not limited to our product itself in terms of user experience and actual usage, but it is also possible to customize iVoka OS for other Telematics or automotive developers to meet their requirements.”  

    With the help of mature and compatible iVoka OS, developers or auto manufacturers will save cost greatly and shorten their product R&D process. It is known that iVoka OS has already realized actual test and application to the front-loading vehicle electronic products by some automakers. 

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