Enterprises with “Four New Features” Help Upgrading “Made in Shanghai” to “Intelligent Manufacturing in Shanghai”
BY Wen Wei Po

    What about when your car encounters problems, it immediately let you know the details and show you degree of urgency in plain language? What about when a technician at a 4S dealer shop asks you to replace a part, you can verify the necessity via your mobile phone?

    iVoka MINI X, an innovative Telematics product newly launched by PATEO, is a “wearable device” for cars which can enable your car to be connected to Telematics services, so as to turn the ordinary car into a smart one.

    Companies with “Four New Features” (such as PATEO), namely, “new technologies, new industries, new business patterns and new models”, are springing up like mushrooms in Shanghai and injecting new blood into Shanghai’s industrial restructuring and economic transformation and upgrade.

    Why the concept of building an economy with “Four New Features” is put forward?  

    Yaoxin Li, the director of Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission (“SMEITC”), says that the era when Shanghai drives economic development by resource development, land expansion, investment increase and scaling up is over.

    It is the same with PATEO’s decision to engage in the Telematics industry. The background is:  

    In 2009, SAIC Motor planned to develop its own Telematics brand to win the competition with JV brands; instead of winning with price war, SAIC Motor shall have a “trump card”. At that time, smart phones came into fashion, the Internet netizen born in the 1980s became the main consumption force.  

    Based on the vision that mobile Internet will be a future for the vehicles and the result of PATEO’s marketing research, PATEO and SAIC Motor established cooperation to make breakthroughs in Telematics. In March 2010, SAIC Roewe 350, the first car model configured with iVoka system, went offline. The product has been constantly upgraded in the following years.

    At present, Roewe 350 equipped with iVoka system sees the sale volume of 10,000 per month, and PATEO’s partners include SAIC Motor, Volvo and many other auto companies in China and foreign countries. 

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