【Video】Unveiling iVoka MINI X, PATEO Brings You Intelligent Automotive Experience

    On June 17th 2014, PATEO, a leading Telematics solution provider in China, officially unveiled its innovative Telematics product - iVokaMINI X at Beijing Poly Theater.

    This breath-taking product, iVokaMINI X is able to bring smart experience to all drivers. Moreover, according to PATEO’s plan, it will gradually provide all cars of different market sections with equal opportunity to connect to internet and will surely enrich and innovate everyone's car life.

    iVoka MINI X is aimed to help users addressing the following 4 key issues:

    1. Driving efficiency

    2. After-sales expenditure 

    3. Personal safety

    4. Vehicle security  

    First, with iVoka MINI X's data tracking and vehicle diagnosis ability, iVoka MINI X will promptly provide useful information and tips when user encountered any vehicle problem. Second, iVoka MINI X will help drivers to cultivate good driving habits, thereby effectively save fuel by 35%. Third, iVoka MINI X can sync the vehicle health status to drivers in real-time. What’s more, drivers may suffer losses from collision, theft, high-speed blowout, etc. With MINI X, vehicle conditions can be sent to drivers before accidents truly occur.

    Bringing a Brand New Smart Car Linking Experience

    Firstly, iVoka MINI X is a "wearable device" for cars. When you link it to car, the MINI X APP on your mobile phone will automatically start to work. The plug-and-play capability enables quick and easy connectivity between an ordinary car and the data backend of iVoka MINI X.

    Secondly, iVoka MINI X fits a variety of models and it is pretty small in size but rich in functions. 

    Thirdly, when you link iVoka MINI X to your car, you can enjoy thoughtful services, such as daily condition monitoring, automotive fault diagnosis, personalized car journey and automotive safety protection.

    In the future, there will be more great-fun features to be upgraded over air to users to ensure that the investment in MINI X is more cost-effective.

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