Quality Guardian | PATEO CONNECT+ Testing Center Officially Unveiled!
Recently, the PATEO CONNECT+ Xiamen Smart Manufacturing Base – Intelligent Testing Center made its debut with the latest cutting-edge inspection & testing equipment, signifying that PATEO, once again, sounded a new trumpet for the “intelligent production front” following the unveiling of its Xiamen intelligent production line.

Laboratory Equipment & Environment Empowered by Cutting-Edge Technology

The Center is currently equipped with various industry-leading standardized inspection & testing facilities, including “Three (temperature, humidity & vibration) Integrated” test system, high / low temperature environmental (test) chamber, rapid temperature change test chamber, temperature / humidity chamber, thermal shock chamber, waterproof test chamber, dust test chamber, neutral salt spray test box, drop test rig, mechanical shock test bench, audio test equipment, ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) test equipment, coordinate measuring machine (CMM), KIKUSUI Programmable Power Supplies, Chroma programmable power supplies, insulation & withstand voltage tester, and data collector.

Whole-Process Laboratory Management System

The Center is now in a position to perform high / low temperature, humidity, electrical property, mechanical, electrostatic, audio indicator and other tests, and possesses a full range of capabilities for testing and verification of the environmental, material, EMC and other performance of the onboard hardware devices, capable of providing solutions approved by hardware testing and verification for projects jointly developed by PATEO and the client, to guarantee product delivery quality and improve customer experience. It adheres to the performance requirements higher than the industry standard to control the product quality and ensure the excellent performance of each product. At present, it has passed the laboratory certification and audit of many powerhouse automakers.

Global Leading Advanced Smart Manufacturing Base

The Center is affiliated with PATEO CONNECT+ Xiamen Smart Manufacturing Base established in Nov. 18, 2019, with a total investment of nearly CNY 2.1 billion and a floor area of 63,456m², marking another important deployment by PATEO in the smart manufacturing sector after the six R&D centers in Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Dalian and Changchun. PATEO is committed to building it into a world-leading advanced smart manufacturing base.

The PATEO CONNECT+ (Xiamen) team boasts a galaxy of professional elites from automobile, consumer electronics, parts & components, large touch screen manufacturing enterprises and various other domains. Since the establishment of the company, both the team supervisors and the core technical personnel have all felt a strong sense of belonging to the corporate culture and demonstrated excellent management and technical experience.

According to the plan, the laboratory will be continuously upgraded in the future, focusing on building the capacity for reliability, compatibility, functional testing, etc., increasing input in the system & chip failure analysis in accordance with the needs of the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) industry for development, and thus becoming a state-level IoV hardware testing center!

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