PATEO CONNECT+ Wins “Award for Special Contribution of 2022 Excellent VOYAH Automobile Supplier”

On May 8, the “2022 VOYAH Automobile Supplier Conference” was held online. Themed with “Aggregate Ambition for VOYAH’s Intention · Pool Strength for Long-Range Planning, the forum attracted the participation of nearly 100 world-class enterprises from the fields of IT connectivity, supply chain, digital ecosystem, etc., at which, PATEO CONNECT+ (hereinafter referred to as PATEO) won the “Award for Special Contribution of Excellent Supplier” due to its outstanding cooperation achievements.

Three-Year Partnership — From Creating Brilliance to Becoming Excellent

That PATEO, a partner in deep strategic cooperative relationship with DFM (Dongfeng Motor Corporation) VOYAH, received this honor at the conference is, so to speak, a recognition of and commendation for their three-year cooperation. Since VOYAH FREE, PATEO has been equipping various VOYAH models with its distinctive cockpit solution boasting a complete set of software, hardware and cloud, consisting of the world’s first integrated raised / lowered triple screen, an intelligent voice engine capable of delivering leading-edge user experience, HMI design for multimodal interaction, individually customized intelligent virtual assistant, among others.

Recently, PATEO has equipped Voyah Dreamer, a newly launched luxury MPV , with the powerful flagship 8155 automotive chip, to build a smart cockpit endowed with an interaction experience that is even more “silky-smooth” owing to the superior computing power and functional design, thus empowering the model to “dazzlingly appear on the market”.

Win-Win Cooperation — A Path to Become an Excellent Supplier

As a leading technological innovation oriented enterprise in the smart cockpit field, PATEO has been providing various automakers with advanced intelligent cockpit solutions based on Qualcomm’s flagship SA8155 automotive chip platform, which have so far been nominated to be equipped on more than ten models of five clients, including DFM VOYAH, Hozon New Energy (NETA), two overseas automakers and a top private car company in China.

It also cooperates with Canadian wireless communication giant BlackBerry Limited to leverage PATEO’s core technology in intelligent cockpit integration and the superiority of BlackBerry QNX® technology to integrate BlackBerry IVY™ into PATEO (Qualcomm) 8155 empowered intelligent digital cockpit, and combine the high computing power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155 processor with the highly reliable QNX Neutrino Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and QNX Hypervisor, to improve the flexibility and scalability of design, come up with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions, and bring the user a safer, more efficient and personalized cockpit experience while ensuring system security and reliability.

What’s more noteworthy is that PATEO has recently obtained authorization from Qualcomm, according to which, the two sides will, based on the powerful performance of Qualcomm SA8295 — the 4th Generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms, expand cooperation in the areas of vehicle intelligentization, smart car connectivity, SOA, integration of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit, multi-domain fusion based central controller, etc., to facilitate the mass production of the next-generation PATEO Qinggan intelligent cockpit platform, and thus offer the automotive industry a cutting-edge immersive intelligent driving & ride experience.

Today, with the automotive industry changing with each passing day and growing by leaps and bounds, automotive connectivity has attracted more attention from both the nation and within the industry, and vehicle intelligentization will become a topic that cannot be skirted in the future. PATEO, through the high-level layout of the SA8295 automotive cockpit platform, and based on the next-generation wireless communication technology, initiates a vehicle intelligentization development plan that centers around the modules of smart car lights, streaming media rearview mirror, smart surfaces of interiors & exteriors, OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) / special-shaped display, a collection of capabilities of L2.9 and multiple other levels of autonomous driving as well as automated parking, etc.

PATEO conducts in-depth cooperation with top enterprises in the intelligent parts, ICT, AI, autonomous driving and other domains based on the experience accumulated during the R&D of the 3rd Generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms, to unlock the performance potential of the 4th Generation Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms, and build the new-generation Qinggan intelligent cockpit platform, to bring the global auto sector an amazing product empowered by the ‘combination of memory chip and new display into a whole’ and the ‘integration of autonomous driving and intelligent cockpit’ and capable of delivering a forward-looking experience.

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