PATEO Digital Key Solution Earns Recognition, Winning “Award for Industry Innovation Practices” with Innovative Technology

On Oct. 15, the 2021 China Auto Supply Chain Conference was grandly convened at Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center (YLICC). At the forum themed “Cross-Border Innovation to Create A New Intelligent Car Connectivity Experience” concurrently held by Intelligent Car Connectivity Industry Ecosystem Alliance (hereinafter called “ICCE” for short), PATEO CONNECT+ won the “Award for Industry Innovation Practices” from ICCE by virtue of the technological leadership of its “Digital Key Solution”.

This award is designed to reward ICCE members for their active exploration of corporate practices. As an important member of ICCE, PATEO CONNECT+ (PATEO) has been actively cooperating with the implementation of the Alliance’s standards and specifications in the digital key field, and providing integrated digital solutions through the combination of the vehicle, the mobile terminal, and the cloud service: utilize the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to offer car key features, and give play to the advantages of digital key to deliver personalized vehicle control services; in case that the user forgets the physical key, they can still lock / unlock the car, start engine with one button after getting into the car, and use other features through the digital key on the phone; it is worth mentioning that when the user is 0-2 meters from the car, they can unlock it by simply pulling the car door handle, and when the distance is greater than 2 meters, the car will automatically get locked, hence very convenient operation; when the distance is within 5 meters, the welcome light will automatically turn on with the rearview mirrors switched to “Welcome Mode”, in which music, seats, A/C, etc., will be automatically adjusted according to the user’s daily habits upon their entry into the car.

As is known to all, data security is of extreme importance to the intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs). In the overall digital key solution, PATEO has always been putting data security first. In addition to setting up a one-stop data security service with encrypted storage of the digital key information on the mobile phone and the vehicle, the “One Device One Key” has also been put in place to prevent hackers from destroying or stealing key information and ensure user information security. Since 2019, the PATEO CONNECT+ Digital Key Solution has been successively equipped on the mass-produced vehicle models of SGMW (SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile), DMC (Dongfeng Motor Corporation) and so on.

Established in 2009, by upholding the core concept of striving for “Ultimate Quality, Ultimate Experience & Ultimate Intelligence”, PATEO has now grown into an IoV enterprise boasting an industry-leading capital structure and business scale as well as abundant resources of automotive clients in China; and by leveraging its advantages of the five core technology platforms in operating system (OS), intelligent voice, hardware, high-definition (HD) map and cloud, it provides R&D, manufacturing and subsequent supporting services of intelligent telematics system, and is committed to building a cross-platform system that integrates vehicle, Internet and mobile phone and centers on car life services.

The “14th Five-Year Plan” period offers an important window of strategic opportunity for China to march towards the goal of becoming an automobile manufacturing power, and is also critical for China’s automotive industry to realize deep integration and move to the stage of high-quality development, marking that the automotive supply chain has ushered in a new era featuring independent R&D, collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation, in which PATEO will continue to adhere to the "3I Spirit", namely “Insight, Innovation & Integration”, and work with the excellent partners in the industry chain to promote the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry.

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