PATEO CONNECT+ Ranked among Top 50 Most Influential Enterprises in ICV Industry

The development of China's intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) industry has entered a substantial stage, with intelligent and connected auto products being gradually pushed to the consumer. The official release of the new technology roadmap marks that the development centered around the ICV industry is entering the fast lane. Recently, PATEO CONNECT+ has successfully made it to the “Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry Influence Index Top 50 List”, which means that its influence in brand, technology, capital, and ecosystem has won unanimous approval from industry experts, analysts, and investors.

Initiated by EqualOcean Intelligence, the selection of the “Top 50 Most Influential Enterprises in Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry” integrates the four scoring dimensions of brand influence, technological influence, capital influence, and ecosystem influence. And, during the evaluation process, the scores are mainly based on objective and quantifiable data, supplemented by expert interviews and judgments. Among them, brand influence is the "business card" of a company in the industry, which mainly examines the attractiveness, reputation & exposure indices of a company as well as the index of its popularity with mainstream media; technological influence is the concentrated reflection of a company's technological capabilities in the industry, which examines the background of a company’s founder / CEO, the information of its main team members, and the number of patents it holds; capital influence, as a first-level indicator, represents the recognition of a company in the capital market, which mainly examines the number of financing events, total amount of financing, and the number of domestically & internationally well-known institutional investors participating in the rounds of financing; and ecosystem influence refers to an enterprise’s influence on the development of the industry chain in the layout of the ICV industry, which examines such indicators as the number of implemented government-enterprise cooperation projects, and the number of domestic and foreign partners. We can say that the selection of this list is extremely professional and rigorous, so it is really not easy for PATEO to stand out from the many enterprises.

At present, the automotive industry is undergoing the most profound changes in a century. Along with the in-depth integration of sectors like automotive ICT, AI, and the Internet, ICVs have entered a new stage characterized by rapid technological evolution and accelerated industrial layout. Constantly establishing barriers to competition, finding your own niche, and determining the business model are crucial for a company to seize a place in the ICV industry.

Founded in 2009, PATEO CONNECT+ has been continuously cultivating the industry, and now become an intelligent vehicle (IV) and IoV enterprise boasting a leading capital structure and business scale, as well as the largest automotive client base in China. With a business scope covering ranges of vehicle models of dozens of OEMs, it has been serving nearly 4 million IoV users, and leveraging its technical strengths to explore the development of automobile-related new retail, new mobility, new services, etc., to empower the creation of an urban mobile business service platform.

Since its establishment, PATEO has defined the "3I" Spirit, namely "Insight, Innovation and Integration". As an innovation-oriented company, it has been sticking to inputs into R&D, created many firsts in the industry, and obtained the most IPRs in the field, ranking 5th globally and 1st domestically in China. It is exactly owing to its adherence to the "3I" Spirit that PATEO has been able to join hands with China's best commercial giants in the various industries, including automobile, communications, Internet, and even retail, finance and mobility, to guide the future of the IoV with the most forward-looking vision.

In the IoV world, a good user experience is of vital importance. PATEO CONNECT+ even regards it as a guiding principle, and takes the "3U", i.e., "Ultimate Quality, Ultimate Experience & Ultimate Intelligence" as its ultimate goal; or, put another way, PATEO is to offer the "best quality, best experience, and best intelligence". Therefore, PATEO CONNECT+ has not only had the in-vehicle IoV in its possession, but also launched the Qing Mobile portable IoV solution last year, extending the user’s automotive ownership experience from the inside to the outside of the car, and from 2 hours in the past to 24 hours, and “slimming down” the IVI to a screen by replacing it with the mobile phone to operate and control the IoV. Since the computing power of a mobile phone is about 20 times that of an IVI, it is more suitable for IoV control; also, the update frequency of the mobile phone is much faster than that of the latter, thus conducive to the intelligent upgrade of the IoV. At the same time, while reducing cost per unit and increasing profit for the OEM, it means that suppliers and partners will be likely to get more businesses, and hence better development.

As Ken (Yilun) YING, founder of PATEO CONNECT+, said, "Whichever way you look at it, opening is always an inevitable trend. Through its more than a decade of practical exploration into the IoV, PATEO has profoundly realized that in the future, the IoV is bound to evolve toward the linkup and connection of all scenarios for the definition of new value, and such all-round connectivity must be open."

In the future, PATEO CONNECT+ will continue to work with automakers and other partners to quicken up the reshaping of the Automotive + Industrial Internet + AI + Smart Business Model, empower OEMs to transform digitally, lead the ultimate intelligent vehicle experience, and reconstruct the lifestyle in mobile space.

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