President Chen Qingtai, Together with Expert Panel of China EV100, Investigates PATEO Nanjing R&D Center

On Sept. 17, a delegation led by Chen Qingtai, President of China EV100 visited and investigated PATEO Nanjing R&D Center and Dongfeng Innovation Design Center. With regard to the cooperative R&D model between Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) and PATEO, Chen expressed his great recognition, believing that this is a very advanced and effective development idea. In the meantime, he also spent four hours investigating and learning about in detail PATEO's IoV product technologies, as well as the latest digital cockpits of SAIC-GM-Wuling’s New Baojun, Dongfeng Fengshen (Aeolus), BAIC and BAIC BJEV, while personally experiencing the IoV and mobile phone based IoV products.

First came Qing Mobile, the first portable IoV product jointly created by PATEO CONNECT+ and New Baojun that gets the smartphone and the intelligent vehicle (IV) fully connected and leverages the computing power of the mobile phone to extend the connection time between the user and the vehicle from 2 hours to 24 hours. PATEO’s R&D personnel demonstrated related features of this portable IoV product to President Chen on the site: when approaching the vehicle, the driver can easily unlock it with the Bluetooth key; wakeup-free feature throughout the process and at-will interruption in all scenarios are supported; and recognition of fast speech can be effectively handled.

Next came the Qing AI 3.0 voice platform, which possesses super strong natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities. No matter it is a long sentence, a super long sentence, a short sentence, or a colloquial expression containing a lot of nonsense, it is able to accurately understand the semantic meaning. At the same time, it also supports continuous dialogue and interruption at any time during the entire voice dialogue, so that the conversation with it is as natural and smooth as the one between human beings. While experiencing the Qing AI 3.0 voice platform, Chen personally enjoyed the closed-loop experience of using hotel / air ticket / train / movie / food / takeaway services and other scenarios during the driving / riding process, on which he heaped praise. 

What followed was the experience of the latest digital cockpits of BAIC and BAIC BJEV. The R&D personnel presented a live demonstration of the AR navigation technology of the three-in-one smart cockpit, the multi-screen interaction with screen mirroring exclusively for the front passenger, the facial recognition technology, as well as the voice technology backed by dual AI respectively responsible for EQ and IQ. With the empowerment of these intelligent technologies, even a report on the degree of damage to the vehicle will be regularly generated and sent to the associated 4S store. Such an approach by which eco integration is leveraged to make intelligent recommendations based on different scenarios and data ensures the safety and comfort of car owner’s driving life in a more human-oriented way.

Later on, the expert panel also focused on experiencing the IoE-empowered Vehicle to Home (V2H) eco connectivity created on the basis of the IoT. In the V2H connectivity ecosystem, the car is more like a caring safety butler. When it determines that it is 3 kilometers away from home, it can turn on the set purifier, robotic vacuum cleaner, floor lamp and other smart home devices in sequence to allow the owner to feel the warmth the moment they walk into the house; after being locked, the car will also actively detect whether there is a living body in the backseat or if anything is left in the car, and promptly notify the user of returning to fetch the kid / pet / item to avoid an accident; you can also make a voice call in the car, then in the meantime, the connected Xiaomi speaker at home will broadcast the incoming call, which is convenient for the elderly at home while guaranteeing driving safety; the car can even track the basic body data of the elderly at home through smart devices on a daily basis, to perform health management and keep up with the health of family members in real time. During the experience, President Chen gave thumbs up to PATEO's R&D philosophy and product performance, and said that “without powerful parts, the vehicle is but a floating cloud”.

At the final in-depth seminar, William (Weilin) Lai from PATEO CONNECT+ shared the iterative update of IoV technology and the innovation of business model with President Chen and the expert panel of China EV100. Technology is the core of PATEO, but the value of technology lies in warming up the city and the life. PATEO hopes to participate in the construction of smart city in a bottom-up manner, make dedicated efforts to contribute to the development of the city with its technical power, and be a part of the construction of future smart cities & smart transportation. 

During the seminar, President Chen mentioned: “At present, we are undergoing a great automotive revolution. Digitization and intelligentization are transforming traditional vehicles, making traditional mechanical products souled, intelligent, and capable of information and emotional interaction with humans, because in the future it is no longer the machinery that will dominate vehicles, but data and software, so cross-border cooperation reflects a megatrend. From the experience just now, I see great hopes. I hope everyone will continue your hard work, so as to take the lead and get ahead in this digital transformation of the automotive industry."

The era of Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) / Software Defined Car (SDC) has come, and the entire business innovation space of the automotive industry will be fully unfolded. As a leading technology-driven IoV company with an R&D investment of CNY 1.7 billion in more than a decade, PATEO has demonstrated strong technical strength and capabilities to implement complete closed-loop business models, from underlying technologies to software architecture, data center, and then to business ecosystem. As one of the current leaders in the IoV industry, PATEO will continue to adhere to independent innovation and altruistic thinking, and exert itself to realize China’s dream of becoming a car powerhouse. In the future, PATEO will continue to work with automakers and other partners to accelerate the reshaping of the “Vehicle + Industrial Internet + AI” business model, empower OEM’s digital transformation, lead the ultimate intelligent vehicle experience, and reconstruct the lifestyle in mobile space.

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