A Picture to Acquaint You with WindLink 5.0 AI-Empowered IVI System

On Sept. 10, the “hardcore” Dongfeng Fengshen (Aeolus) AX7 PRO was launched; at the same time, the WindLink 5.0 AI-Empowered IVI System was officially released. This AI-powered smart voice assistant who knows you better than anyone else is exactly a warm and young heart beneath the hardcore shell of AX7 PRO. To enable the vehicle owners to enjoy a smoother and more natural Human-Vehicle Interaction (HVI) experience, Aeolus joined with PATEO CONNECT+ to form a strong alliance, which then assembled hundreds of engineers. After a year of R&D, the hardware-software matching-up was finally completed, and the Dongfeng Fengshen WindLink 5.0 AI-Empowered IVI System was born. In the R&D process, PATEO has given full play to its advantage of integrating resources from all sources and its strong innovation capabilities to meet the needs of Aeolus, and ultimately achieved a win-win situation for all three parties — the automaker, the eco service enterprise and the integrated IoV service providers (SPs).

It’s worth mentioning that the WindLink 5.0 AI-Empowered IVI System was also the first platform for the application of “Aeolus Quick App” in the IoV field. This quick app software eco platform deeply customized by the three parties of Aeolus, Xiaomi and PATEO is able to get the vehicle location, the IoV system and the quick app scenario engine deeply connected, and actively recommend services to the user based on their location and habits.

Specifically, the improvement in user experience by this quick app can be summarized in the following three points:

I. Infinite expansion of IoV scenario and provision of richer & more meticulous IoV eco services;

II. Click-to-Run, without having to download and install it; coming up with a new service form of real-time update via cloud with no need for upgrade;

III. Human-centric services: active predictions based on vehicle location and user preferences, pushing personalized services to the user, and supporting full voice interaction.

What are the other powerful features of WindLink 5.0 that makes the HVI as smooth and natural as human-human interaction (HHI)? Let’s check it out from the following picture.

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