When Talking about IoE-defined Future Lifestyle, PATEO CONNECT+'s Ken Puts It This Way
On Jul. 31, the Second Suning Biu+ Ecology Conference was successfully held. Ken (Yilun) YING, founder and Chairman of PATEO CONNECT+, attended the event and signed a contract on the Biu+ Ecology cooperation strategy with Liu Donghao, President of Suning Smart Living. At the same time, he; also, at the Second Biu+ Cooperation Forum, he attended a roundtable discussion on the IoV, smart home, Biu+ Ecology, etc. with industry big shots including Zhang Jinsong, co-founder of EQUES, and Sun Xintao, VP of Tuya Smart, where he expressed personal opinions, while looking into the future lifestyle in the IoE (Internet of Everything) era.

Ken believes that intelligent vehicles (IVs) will enjoy a very bright future, and young people of the next generation will live a very happy life. When connected to the multi-scenario eco fields of smart city and intelligent transportation, future vehicles will enable interconnection with everything by virtue of 5G and the IoT, which will remodel and define the future lifestyle.

During the roundtable, when talking about the future lifestyle, Ken also shared the following content:

In the [IoV] eco field, scenarios keep expanding

Many people suppose that the IoV features still remain in simple aspects such as entertainment, navigation, listening to songs and voice search, and the usage scenario is only limited to inside the vehicle.

But now, the IoV has been gradually transforming digitally towards the directions of assisting enterprises with retail, insurance, finance, mobility services, etc. The usage scenarios of the IoV will be more integrated with the scenarios outside the car, including but not limited to users, their friends and families, smart city, and intelligent transportation.

Over the past decade, PATEO CONNECT+ has created the IVI-based IoV era in China, and through a self-revolution, brought the entire industry into the era of mobile phone-based IoV. PATEO has gone through the entire process in which the IoV industry has grown from nothing to something, from small to big, and from weak to strong, and established the entire IoV related eco fields covering V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2P (Vehicle to Pedestrian), and Vehicle to Ecosystem, with the IoV usage scenario continuously expanding.

In-depth integration between PATEO CONNECT+ & Suning Biu+ Ecology has built the IoV scenario based on Suning smart retail

When asked why PATEO CONNECT+ as an independent third party established cooperation with Suning Smart Living, Ken offered such an answer:

PATEO and Suning are actually closely connected. The two sides have cooperated for many years. In 2017, Suning became an investor of PATEO; then in 2018, PATEO signed a “new retail” strategic cooperation agreement with Mr. Liu (Liu Donghao, President of Suning Smart Living) at China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in Shanghai.

Also, as an independent third party, PATEO has acted as a link connecting the two major industries during the cooperation between Suning Auto and various automakers, and played a very important role in the construction of eco data and the operation of middle office, linking up the auto enterprise, the e-commerce sales platform and the user, forming a high-efficient and low-cost closed-loop auto retail operation service system, and creating a fully closed-loop new retail model.

Although IVs seem to have little to do with the Biu+ Ecology and the IoT, they actually do. The future era is the IoE era, in which vehicles, mobile phones, as well as earphones, watches, bracelets and speakers, among others, can all be interactively connected.

Therefore, based on Suning’s understanding of and insights into users of household electrical appliances / consumer electronics, PATEO CONNECT+ has deeply integrated with Suning’s Biu+ Ecology from the three aspects of product, business form and data, and has built a new retail smart experience store, the i-Store.

In combination with Suning’s IoT ecosystem, the two sides are able to work together to define, design, produce and sell new creatures, such as the co-branded Biu products, and develop mobile intelligent terminals (MITs); while for automakers, in addition to setting up flagship stores on the Suning.com platform to sell IVs like smart technology products, they can also build offline smart experience spaces in the downtown area of large cities, so as to seek the multiplier effect of cross-border resource integration together with PATEO’s technical support and the openness of the online & offline resources of both sides to each other.

PATEO & Suning team up to create the IoE for the IVs: in the future, the vehicle will be an on-demand mobile service carrier, which will usher in a brand-new era

As for how to build the IoE capabilities for the IVs after PATEO entered into an alliance with Suning, Ken also shared in detail:

"This year, we’ll continue to carry out some offline cooperation with Suning Auto in addition to online advancement, and based on this, develop the i-Store digital experience center and the AI-empowered smart sales system to further help auto manufacturers quickly achieve sales conversion and build the IoE capabilities."

In the future, IVs will be connected to smart applications at home, becoming an extension to home, as well as a representative conveyance for the fifth-generation cities. Just as smartphones as an extension to human organs have constructed the Mobile Internet, IVs as an extension to urban cells will construct the "fifth-generation cities featuring mobile spaces."

The IV in the future will also become an on-demand mobile service carrier, which will usher in a brand-new era.

Admittedly, as the second largest GDP contributor in China, the automotive industry boasts a huge share in the pre- and aftermarket, while IVs are gaining momentum, with giants like BAT (Baidu, Alibaba & Tencent), Toutiao and JD.com successively stepping in, attempting to grab a share of the "big cake". However, the two sides — PATEO, a leading IoV enterprise, and Suning, a flagship giant in smart retail — are the first one to forge a strong-strong alliance to work on the IoE ecosystem, which has enabled the user to fully experience the 5G-powered AI, no matter at home, in the car or on the mobile phone, which is highly consistent with the future direction.

In the meantime, Ken also stressed that PATEO CONNECT+ will carry out in-depth cooperation with Suning Biu+ Ecology, and work with Suning to build an IV based smart retail system. We can see the unmanned store in Suning headquarters. In the future, cars will also be automatically sold with no requirement for service personnel; they will greet you like a robot (sounding the horn, flashing the light, saying hello, etc.), and open the door to chat with you, very smart.

When it came to dealership operation, Ken said that in the past, a dealership required an investment of CNY 70 million to 100 million, but now and in the future, thanks to PATEO and the creation of the Suning Biu Ecosystem, the dealership in the past has become a 4S store in the pocket, each and every user of any auto brand can become a virtual dealer during driving, and both we and the user can get benefits from our own reputation.

In the context of the IoE, the traditional lifestyle around people, vehicle & home will be restructured

With regard to the open question of “what a lifestyle will be constructed around people, vehicle and home in the future against the 5G+AIoT backdrop of the times?”, Ken replied from the perspective of the IoV:

Tomorrow, in the three-way interaction among people, vehicle and home, you (i.e., people) are actually a command center.

At the primary level of information acquisition, you can learn about the traffic conditions and all the dynamic information in the whole city, as well as all the dynamic information at home. For example, you will know whether a thief has sneaked into your house, whether the baby is crying, and whether ayi (a household help often hired part-time to do household chores like cleaning and cooking) is cooking;

One level further to emotional communication, since all health systems in the car will be connected to the IoT, children away from their families will know whether their parents are sleeping well, as well as their detailed blood pressure and blood sugar levels; when children are traveling, they can also transmit travel images to Biu TV at home via the camera, so that even if your parents are 1,000 km away, they can simultaneously enjoy the picturesque views during your mountain or rock climbing.

Moreover, future vehicles will be self-driving, and the commercial value of the whole vehicle as a mobile space will increase. If you want a hotel room to stay in, the hotel car will come to pick you up; if you want to buy a pair of Nike commemorative models, the Nike shoe store will come to you — this is completely based on the “On-demand Service” we mentioned above.

The future of IVs is by no means scenarios imagined by people. It will take on such forms as mobile real estate, mobile business, mobile tourism, mobile community employment, mobile electricity, mobile market, and mobile F&I (finance & insurance). When connected to the multi-scenario eco fields of smart city and intelligent transportation, future vehicles will be able to be interconnected with everything by virtue of 5G and the IoT, which will restructure and redefine the future lifestyle. IVs will enjoy a very bright future, and young people of the next generation will live a very happy life. Ken believes so.

After PATEO CONNECT+ and Suning’s Biu+ Ecology are combined, the IoE is no longer out of reach. Even if it will still take time for many IoT scenarios to explode, and which scenarios are truly needed in the future are still to be explored, PATEO is already well ahead and leading the way.
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