Make Efforts on Smart Retail Create New Creatures of Urban Vehicle & Smart Retail
In the era where a massive upsurge in the new energy vehicles (NEVs) is witnessed, a great many brands have followed the conventional pattern by focusing their attention on long range and high-end features, among others, but in terms of design concept, urban vehicle and smart retail, most brands haven’t worked out a feasible implementation solution. The E300 launched this time is the first pure electric model of New Baojun. As a new intelligent creature born out of the in-depth three-party cooperation, it has created a distinctive new intelligent mobility life in terms of its design philosophy and technical implementation, and is therefore well worth looking forward to. After making a public appearance at the Shanghai Xintiandi Smart Market previous to its official launch, this model has become an internet sensation, and is dubbed “Vehicle of Science Fiction and Fantasy”.

New Baojun, born in 2019, the first year of the 5G era, has created many “firsts” of auto intelligentization, e.g., taking the lead in using the world’s first “four-in-one” public test road integrating 5G, V2X, unmanned driving, and remote control, and pioneering the use of the 5G base-station cluster set on the public test road to carry out 5G & unmanned driving development and testing, and so on and so forth. Regarding this three-party strategic cooperation, Lian Chaochun, Deputy General Manager of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. (SGMW) and General Manager of Technology Center said, “This is just the beginning. In the future, we’ll jointly launch more new creatures and products of intelligent technology.” It’s reported that later more New Baojun Smart Spaces will appear in Jiangsu and Shanghai, and be gradually unfolded through the various forms of Suning business.

By opening & sharing data cloud, logistics cloud and finance cloud, empowering partners, and leveraging the online/offline dual channel advantages along with the powerful internet technologies, an all-round innovative marketing model that integrates brand promotion, product sales, lead distribution, user experience, data consolidation, member operation and fission-style communication, among others, has been built.

After continuous exploration, Suning Auto has worked out the optimized "1+1+X+Y" business model, where the two "1" respectively represent the brand's existing channels and the community platform & community marketing based on flagship store, "X" represents the diversified offline funnel-type auto store forms, while "Y" represents empowerment by full eco resources and scenarios such as Suning Corporate Sales, Suning City Sales, Suning Sports and Suning Cultural Creativity. Through such a model, Suning Auto is in a position to achieve low-cost and high-efficiency customer acquisition.
In this strategic partnership, by relying on the mature online & offline retail experience of the three parties, through the interconnection between online flagship stores and offline stores, together with the strong empowerment of their respective eco resources, an efficient and benign closed-loop business model demonstrating great industrial superiority will be quickly formed, which is of positive strategic significance for the traffic collection, lead distribution, sales conversion and increase in share of voice (SOV) of the automotive brand.

In the fully closed-loop smart retail model, it's very important to figure out how to give full play to the abilities in eco data establishment & middle office operations, connect the auto enterprise, the eCommerce sales platform and the user, and form a closed-loop high-efficiency & low-cost auto retail operation service system.

Integrate from the three aspects of product, business form and data, and build New Baojun Smart Space. Based on Suning’s understanding of and insights into users of home appliances / consumer electronics as well as its IoT ecosystem, the three parties have been working together to define, design, produce and sell new creatures (e.g., the co-branded Biu products), and develop mobile intelligent terminals (MITs), etc.; Besides setting up New Baojun NEV flagship store on the platform and selling intelligent vehicles (IVs) like the intelligent technology empowered products, New Baojun has also established offline smart experience spaces in the malls in the downtown area of large cities, in a bid to seek the multiplier effect of cross-border resource integration through the technical support of PATEO and the mutual sharing of the online & offline resources between the two sides.

On this basis, PATEO dives straight into core technologies, providing integrated IoV services from intelligent operating system and big data to content service integration & operations, map engine software & cloud architecture, embedded voice & cloud platform solutions, etc., achieving multi-scenario closed-loop operation and data link-up, and thus further enhancing customer e-Mobility experience.

PATEO, which has been deeply and intensively cultivating the IoV field for many years, has won a good reputation in the industry with a range of IoV products represented by the "Qing" Series; what’s more, based on its accumulation and understanding of the IoV data, it has also taken the lead in carving its own path towards a vehicle purchase model based on scenario and characterized by fully smart retail. Despite the differences between the auto sales and the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industries, e.g., the former features a long and slow decision-making process as well as a relatively long tracking period, as long as the customer-related issues of online information delivery, fund payment and communication & understanding can be solved, it's feasible to build a closed-loop sales system online.

"As far as the current sales status of the automotive industry is concerned, throughout the entire process of addressing issues like how to help the existing customer base upgrade to become the life-long fans of the New Baojun brand, and how to find new customers, digital marketing approaches are needed. PATEO is thinking about leveraging the big data capabilities to create a user profile, thereby eventually achieving rapid & accurate marketing." Ken (Yilun) YING, Chairman of PATEO, said, "For smart retail, it's also very important to figure out how to give full play to the abilities in eco data establishment & middle office operations, connect the auto enterprise, the eCommerce sales platform and the customer, and form a closed-loop high-efficiency & low-cost auto retail operation service system. This year, we'll continue to conduct offline cooperation with Suning Auto on the basis of online promotion, and develop i-Store data experience center and an AI-empowered intelligent sales system, to help New Baojun further achieve rapid sales conversion." This is also a sign of Suning’s transformation from a traditional home appliance retailer to a tech company. In the days to come, the three parties will continue their deep-level cooperation to carry out more specific practices on new creatures derived from mobile intelligent technologies.

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