After Waiting 77 Days, We Meet Again! My Sibling-like Wuhan Colleagues

Apr. 8, 2020 is a day worth remembering. In the past two months or so, the Spring Festival has come and gone, the sakura has bloomed and faded, and the ten million Wuhan citizens have gone through “the lockdown of a city – their hometown, to safeguard the nationals of a country – their compatriots”. History has chosen them, they’ve also made history. On this day, the restart button is pressed.

0:00 – The first car to leave Wuhan exited Wuhan West toll station.

6:25 – The first D train (CRH) left Hankou for Jingzhou in the province.

7:06 – The first G train (high-speed train) departed from Wuhan to Nanning outside the province.

This city of heroes, after the 76-day lockdown, has finally reopened its gate, and the past scene of the incessant stream of traffic has also reemerged.

Our Wuhan heroes could finally return to the big family of PATEO CONNECT+!

“It’s finally perfectly justifiable to go out! My hair has been growing like crazy!”

“The silent streets and the locked-down city, after a temporary period of 76 days, have finally restarted. At long last, I can see a steady flow of traffic on the road once again, no longer appearing lifeless. My city is slowly lighting up; my happiness is also back!”

“Today, the restrictions on Wuhan is lifted. Although the ‘Divine Beast’ (the nickname given by Chinese parents to the child – “Divine” because they’re clever, quick-witted and lovely; “Beast” because they’re mischievous and troublesome) in the family still doesn’t understand what it means, he’s already unable to contain his eagerness to play downstairs. I pacify him, telling him to wait a little longer, then everything will turn out all right!”

“Everything looks so familiar! Be it the security guards in the residential area, the Moshuihu Bridge, the Dongfeng Avenue elevated highway, the Triangle Lake ramp, the Nova Center, or the long-unseen office cubicle, everything is natural, beautiful and comfortable! Wuhan, it’s really nice to see your recovery!”

“I’m about to start on my journey back to Wuhan. Wuhan, it’s been a long time since I saw you; Wuhan, see you soon.” 

“Yesterday, I came to the office for materials preparation and disinfection; today, the first batch of colleagues come into the office. It’s been quite a while since we last met, but soon we’ll all come back!”

“For so long I haven’t been to the company. I feel more at ease when working in the office!”

On the first day of returning to work, I finally came back to the familiar environment, seeing familiar things and familiar faces again, still feeling a little excited. After all, while telecommuting, the atmosphere is not so strong.

After staying home for more than two months, today I walked out of the residential area for the first time. Suddenly I found that everything outside was so fresh. It’s great to be alive!

Hope the epidemic will end soon, and everyone is safe and healthy. Work hard, and exercise more. Life isn’t easy, so cherish what you have at the moment.

“Yesterday evening, I ordered the Hot Dry Noodles (Re Gan Mian, a traditional dish of Wuhan). So moved, full of deep emotion, and thousands of words welled up in my heart. A bowl of Re Gan Mian – simply eat it up!”

The sakura clustering around the Yellow Crane Tower, the spring scenes at the East Lake, the Hot Dry Noodles sold by the street stall, the friendly smiles of the colleagues, and together with the familiar office cubicle – we’ve been waiting too long for such a mundane life in the world of mortals. Finally, we keep our appointment! Miss you badly, my sibling-like Wuhan colleagues.

Hot Dry Noodles “Awoke”, a Hard Battle Won

Since the beginning of 2020, the sudden epidemic outbreak has disrupted the pace of social development, and kept people at a distance. Accordingly, China’s auto market has also been under enormous impact. In the first quarter, the country’s auto production and sales nearly halved. With the epidemic befalling, everything is paused, as if a pause button were pressed.

As a top enterprise in the IoV field, PATEO was also confronted with many challenges: on the one hand, its employees of Wuhan Office was at the epicenter of the outbreak; on the other hand, it had to solve the various problems that an enterprise would inevitably encounter in the context of the epidemic; but at the same time, it has been thinking about how to respond in such a moment of crisis.

Looking back, in the past few months, PATEOers have indeed fought a wonderful battle of epidemic prevention and control.

As early as Dec. 19, when the coronavirus outbreak was still unnoticed, PATEO made arrangements on epidemic prevention and control. On Dec. 20, it sent N95 masks to Wuhan team.

In the initial period after the coronavirus epidemic was detected, PATEO made every endeavor to communicate with all teams and their families, especially the elderly, many of whom neither took it seriously nor understood why the company “made so much fuss over it”. After being mobilized two or three times, and as the situation developed, they came to realize the gravity of the situation. It’s precisely because the company has made preparations for regrouping in advance that all its offices across the country report “zero infections”.

Immediately after the outbreak, founder of the company Ken (Yilun) YING arranged for suspension of work, but many teams have successively voluntarily resumed work at home from Feb.

To protect the health of employees, take on corporate social responsibilities, and do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the PATEOers had been in the mode of working from home (WFH) with the aid of cloud online office technology throughout Feb. Despite the various constraints of telework, the work progress hasn’t been affected at all, with the R&D of our new products and various projects steadily advanced, because we PATEOers advocate that “one can always find solutions to overcome difficulties”. Though the car market is cooled by the outbreak, our PATEOers’ enthusiasm for entrepreneurship hasn’t suffered any sharp decline, as we firmly believe that to succeed, one has to endure the suffering.

After ten years of development since the company’s establishment, the PATEO team has grown into a mature “Invincible Iron Army” that “could fight and win the tough battles”.

With Everything Looking Fresh & Gay, Let’s Pursue Dreams & Chase Light with Company of “Affectionate Qing” Products

Today, Wuhan “Re Gan Mian” has finally “woken up”. While rejoicing in that, we must still give our full attention to prevention of the epidemic disease. Only by consolidating the current anti-epidemic achievements, could we be worthy of the perseverance and dedication of our Wuhan compatriots in the past two months, and truly comfort the heroes who laid down their lives in this city!

The past year has been “the most difficult and toughest” one for China’s auto market. Yet under the tremendous pressure, the growth potential of PATEO has been unleashed to the maximum. By concentrating on innovation and R&D, it has made breakthroughs in its product & system capabilities.

In the past year, by focusing on innovation and products, it produced a series of “hot-selling” IoV products:

One example is the Qing Mobile “Portable IoV” solution. Just as Ken said at the launch event: “Goodbye IVI, goodbye car key, goodbye traffic cost.” PATEO has really made it! “Goodbye IVI” refers to discarding the connectivity function of the traditional IVI, only retaining basic vehicle control functions and the IVI screen, and getting mobile phone and vehicle deeply integrated, thus realizing “mobile phone as IVI”.

Another instance is the new Qing AI 2.0, which solves the “six major problems” with the IVI system, i.e., being overly polite, being mechanical, being dilatory, being retarded, requiring shouting and bad hearing. Currently, many so-called “intelligent” vehicles often come across as quite “stupid”, which not only have to be woken up over and over again, the interactions are also extremely unsmooth; while Qing AI 2.0 can complete voice navigation 19 times in 54 seconds, in contrast to a luxury brand limousine which also claims “intelligence” as its main feature, but needs 56 seconds to complete only one round of interaction. PATEO turns a mobile phone into an IVI, takes advantage of the user’s habit of replacing their smartphone once or twice per year, and embeds the computing power of the mobile phone into the car, to ensure the hardware always remains up-to-date.

PATEO is now on the fast track. Despite the uncertainty of the impact of coronavirus epidemic on the entire economic environment, its business has still been maintaining high-speed growth.

On the way to the age of Internet of Everything (IoE), the IoV is still the most imaginable segment on the race track of the automotive industry.

Only those who can endure loneliness can keep up and cherish the prosperous life.

May every daily moment with your company be worth treasuring and having.

Live up to every inch of time,

Don’t miss any scene,

For a better tomorrow, let’s pursue dreams and chase light with the company of our “affectionate Qing” products.

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