Listen! PATEOers’ Confessions to Their Medical Staff Families against Backdrop of Epidemic Go Deep into Heart
You’re working too hard
Take care of yourselves
Love you all
Persistence is victory
Come home as soon as possible
We’re waiting for your return
Home is wherever you are…

This is not an ordinary confession
Because the persons to whom we confess our feelings
Are now fighting at the eye of the epidemic storm
Among them
Some are stationed at Union Hospital & Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan
Some, though not directly facing the patients, are closest to the virus
Some people hail them as “The Warrior in White” &
“The Most Beautiful Heroes in Harm’s Way”

But in the eyes of the family
They’re the reliable parent, before whom the child feels secure and can always behave in a spoiled manner
They’re the sweethearts, occasionally squabbling with each other, but offering mutual help in humble circumstances
They’re the mom of the newborn baby…
Of course, they’re also PATEOers’ medical staff families in whom we take pride!

Yaqing YAN / Visual AI R&D Team

“It has been almost seven years since we fell in love. This May, we’ll celebrate our 7-year anniversary, and our baby will be born. I believe by that time the epidemic should have ended, then the three of us in our family will live happily and harmoniously. Good luck, tomorrow! Come on, China!”

Yaqing YAN’s wife is a frontline staff of Qixia District Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital. In his impression, she has always been busy, fully occupied and up to her eyes with her work. After returning home in the evening, he often hears her tell stories at work.

When the epidemic befell, his wife had been pregnant. Therefore, leaders and colleagues took care of her by arranging her to answer the phone calls for consultation. Although she was not at the frontline, her advisory service for countless patients and their families each day had offered comfort and help. However, seeing that other colleagues were fighting at the frontline, she still felt somewhat regretful: “If I were not pregnant, I would certainly apply for fighting at the frontline, because healing the sick and saving the dying is my mission!”

“Appreciate your benevolence as a doctor.
No matter which post you’re at, you’re devoting efforts to fighting the epidemic.
The ‘7-Year Itch’ turned into the ‘7-Year Promise’,
And the ‘Sweetness of Two ‘ expected to become the ‘Happiness of Three‘.
When the haze of the epidemic is gone,
You, a family of three, may run joyously under the clear sky!”

Xin ZHOU / Shenzhen Hardware R&D Team I

“Darling, you’ve done a great job! I’ll take care of the family!”

Xin ZHOU’s wife works in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the hospital. Though not in the Pneumology Department, she’s also one of the frontline medical staff that are always exposed to the risk of contacting an infected people. When he learned that a family member of a puerpera admitted to his wife’s department had contacted someone from Hubei Province, Xin ZHOU was even more on the edge of his seat. Yet for all that, before speaking out “Quit your job”, he bit the words back. When he opened his mouth again, the words changed to “Be safe”. The inner torment of the medical staff’s families may only be understood by those who have the same experience. Faced with the epidemic, the great concern about the wife and the protection for the child have all turned into support for the medical staff who are offering aid to the frontline as well as blessings for the motherland.

“I love you, and I love your soul more;
You protect the patients, and I protect you.
The most beautiful countermarching people have the warmest supporters.
Thank you! And bless you!”

Jun WANG / Project Management Department

“Thousands of words are condensed into one word: Come home as soon as you can!”

Jun WANG’s wife works in the pharmacy of the hospital’s command center, responsible for dispensing the TCM prescription for prevention of COVID-19 Pneumonia as well as the online medical consultation, so it can be said that she’s exactly one of those at the forefront of fighting the epidemic. In the face of the severe epidemic situation and the increase of confirmed cases every day, and seeing that his wife had been making up the prescription for prevention of COVID-19 released by Health Commission of Hubei Province day and night, Jun WANG could do nothing but take care of the family, so she wouldn’t get concerned and distracted. After his wife had been sticking to her post and absent from home for several days, this “Straightforward Man of Iron”, though with thousands of words in the mind, said merely: “Come home as soon as you can”. In fact, just one sentence is enough, the wife will know perfectly well, as the family members of each “Novel Hero” would act the same way as Jun WANG does, to show their great unspoken love.

“In the critical moment, you take charge of external matters while I take care of domestic ones.
The way a candid man expresses his love is always so simple and honest.
’Come home as soon as you can‘ are the sweetest words against backdrop of the epidemic to convey the great unspoken love.”

Yanwen GUO / Dalian Instrument Team

“Both our baby and I are cheering for you! Come on, the super mom of the baby! Come on, the super hero of countless people!”

Yanwen GUO’s wife is a frontline medical staff who has just given birth to a baby and is about to end her maternity leave. This time, when returning to work, she’ll be confronted with not only the ordinary patients, but also a smokeless war. This fight against the epidemic is fraught with risk and involves great responsibilities. For a new mom, no one is willing to leave the infant; but for a medical staff, no one will flinch at this critical moment! They’re a super mom of the baby at home, and a super hero of countless people in the hospital. Though imbued with a tender affection for and a sense of reluctance to part from his wife in the heart, Yanwen could do nothing but carry the baby in the arms to cheer for his wife, and also silently pray for each and every “Angle in White” together with the baby.

“Females are originally weak, but get strong when they become a mother.
You’re the best role model for the baby!
Cheer for every Angle in White fighting at the frontline!”

Guo MA / Changchun Project Department

“Dear, please feel free to leave the domestic affairs to me. When the epidemic is over, we could have a drink with parents to our heart’s content, make up for the Chinese New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, then make up a celebration of the Valentine’s Day!”

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, Guo MA’s wife was notified of returning to the hospital to wait for job assignment. As a family of a doctor, this has long been commonplace for Guo MA. But this time is different. Returning to the hospital means that while working, his wife will have to practice self-quarantining and cut off contact with the family for a long period of time. During the Spring Festival, an occasion supposed for Chinese families to reunite, thousands of medical care personnel had to spend it alone due to the special nature of their work. Though feeling sad about the hardships and difficulties experienced by his wife, Guo MA has a deeper understanding of the missions and responsibilities of his wife as a doctor. Like all other family members of the medical care personnel, he gives wife unconditional support, so that she could fight a victorious battle against the epidemic on the front, while he himself takes good care of the family at the back.

“A momentary separation is for a better reunion.
When hundreds of flowers blossom splendidly on the hills, I’ll hold your hands once more.
For lovers, every day is Valentine’s Day.”

Jing CHEN / Application Operation & Maintenance Team

“On this Valentine’s Day, there’re neither flowers nor chocolate. My only hope and expectation is you can come back to me safe and sound.”

Jing CHEN’s wife is a veritable “Countermarching Angle”, in the sense that she returned to work in Wuhan — the epicenter of the epidemic, on the first day of Chinese New Year, with the missions and responsibilities of a medical care staff on her shoulders, and amid the concern and anxiety of the whole family, as the grim anti-epidemic situation in Wuhan had been understood and followed by every compatriot throughout the country. As a family of a medical care staff fighting at the anti-epidemic frontline of Wuhan, the yearning and the terrible ordeal in Jing CHEN’s mind is conceivable. The Valentine’s Day 2020 has just passed. When it comes to his wife who is staying in the quarantine hotel for the anti-epidemic work, Jing CHEN only feels endless distress and grievance inside. At this moment, he has only one wish: the outbreak will end soon, then his wife could return home safe and sound.

“When affection between sweathearts encounters the epidemic,
When affection between family members is separated by the virus,
Your hearts remain connected, feelings remain interlinked, and love remains surging.
Please do return home safe and sound!”

Libin WEN / Project Management Team

“It’s time to have a rest. Take care of yourselves. I love you both!”

Since parents are both medical staff, Project Manager Libin grew up in the “courtyard style” residential area for families of hospital personnel, with the Department of Infectious Disease no more than 20 meters across from her home. She jokingly brags and boasts that it’s probably because she has developed immunity since childhood that she seems less susceptible to diseases. During the period from SARS in 2003 to COVID-19 in 2020, Libin Wen has grown from a muddled and ignorant little girl to an office lady capable of undertaking a task alone, with her attitude also changing from fearing nothing to standing in awe. Witnessing her parents working hard in the healthcare system for more than half of their life, while being concerned about them, inside she has more of an understanding of and admiration for them. She said, no matter in terms of the professional competency or ethics, her parents engaged in medical care are always her favorite idol. This sudden epidemic broke the tranquility of the retired parents’ life. They insisted on joining the counter-epidemic force once again, distributing masks, acting as publicity volunteers, and actively mobilizing relatives, friends & neighbors to be isolated at home. The benevolent spirits of the medical care staff have been staying with them for a lifetime, which will also benefit Libin all her life.

“Parents are the best teachers for children.
Their affection is like a trickle moistening the child’s heart,
While the child’s heart for parents is sincere and earnest.
You have created a beautiful life for us,
We will definitely do our utmost to safeguard it!”


Becoming a medical care staff
means not only you have an additional occupational identity
but also you have to shoulder a responsibility and hold yourself accountable.
They are ordinary, but also extraordinary.
In the context of the outbreak,
They are heroes to everyone,
But more our closest families and our biggest concern.

Be it the Spring Festival, an occasion for family reunion,
Or the Valentine’s Day, a time filled with romance and rosiness,
The every happy moment we can enjoy,
Because they’re struggling forward burdened with the heavy mission for us.
Thanks for the silent support and selfless dedication of the families behind the “Angles in White”!
PATEO pays tribute to you!
You’re the guardians of the lives of hundreds of millions of people.
PATEO will protect your families who stay back.

Listen! The sweetest words amid the outbreak go deep into heart!
Look! Love and hope always spread faster than the virus!
Come on! The most beautiful “Novel Heroes”!

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