New Baojun Makes Big Moves in Shenzhen: Launch New Vehicle, Create New Ecosphere, Partner with Huawei & PATEO
BY Cheshi Teping

Both the first and the second industrial revolutions of human society respectively marked by automobile and electronics originated from Europe. Upon entering the 21st century, with the arrival of technology-driven life, mankind has ushered into the third revolution. Take the mobile phone as an example: today, it’s not merely a communication tool, but has taken on a wider range of roles, such as remotely controlling the home appliances, and convening a meeting – this is the change in people’s life brought by technology. In today’s 5G era, automobile will usher in the biggest change – the so-called “the third industrial revolution", i.e., the revolution of intelligence.

New Baojun Initiates “Cross-border Integration” & Creates New Mobility Life

We have already felt the convenience brought about by technology, making the world smaller and smaller; technology can even blend ourselves into scenarios, so that even when you’re situated in chilly Northeast China, you can still feel the hot passion of the Southeast country Malaysia – this is exactly the new intelligent scenario created by the kernel of the revolution of intelligence. This also explains why major automakers have been vying with each other to make an attempt on the intelligent vehicle (IV), as it can bring you new mobility scenarios, fresher drive & ride experience, as well as more convenient scenario-based application. Just like the New Baojun we see today, announcing “Young, Hi-tech, Intelligent and Connected” as its new brand DNA, and focusing on creating a distinctive new intelligent mobility life.

On Dec. 29, New Baojun chose Shenzhen, a diversified technological city, as the venue to launch the world’s first mass-produced vehicle model equipped with HUAWEI HiCar intelligent connectivity solution, which will guide the changes in the coming decade. To build higher-quality scenario-based mobility and more convenient services, New Baojun has also joined hands with its diversified mainstream eco partners, including Huawei, PATEO, iQIYI, Ximalaya, Suning, Ctrip, Meituan, Baidu Cloud and Kuwo Music, to create an all-new vehicle model that offers autonomous driving capability.

IoV Ecosystem – Kernel of Industry in Next Decade

Just as Ken (Yilun) YING, founder & Chairman of PATEO CONNECT+, indicated, in the past decade, the ecosystem was closed, during which period we, as an enterprise growing together with the global IoV industry, had been groping for an ecosystem for the IoV; the next decade will usher into the Age of M²AC (M² = Mobile + Mobility, A = AI, C = Cloud + Big Data), namely, the Age of the IoE-based Industrial Internet, in which the car companies are obliged to involve themselves in the “Large Mobility Ecosystem”. The vehicle is mobile, the cell phone is mobile, and people are also mobile, so AI becomes very important; together with the cloud and big data that spawn new value, the M²AC variant will promote the value restructuring of the whole automotive industry chain.

In the future, the relationship between the hardware, software, cloud and ecosystem of the IVI and of the mobile phone will not be simply substituting for or complementing each other, but rather an integration and symbiosis. The AI, 5G, blockchain, big data, edge computing and other frontier technologies are opening up an IoE (Internet of Everything) world. In the coming decade, the vehicle will be the center of the mobile world, connecting people, smart home & smart city, and life services, etc., together. PATEO estimates that the next IoV era will be dominated by 1+1+N (Vehicle + Mobile Phone + Many Other Devices). All the frontier technologies mentioned above will eventually help to bring about a new and continuously evolving ecosystem for the automotive industry.

By Creating “Intelligent Mobile Space”, New Baojun Joins Hands with Future

We can drill down to the specific day: 185 days ago, New Baojun took the lead in releasing the world’s first mobile phone based IoV product; 137 days ago, it applied the technology to the two mass-produced vehicle models of RM-5 and RC-6; 83 days ago, the New Baojun RS-3 was launched, marking the completion of the first iteration and upgrading of this IoV product.

New Baojun has not only transformed the age of intelligentization with the fastest speed that has been enabled by the intelligent technologies, but also created a distinctive “all-domain, all-time & all-ecosystem” intelligent mobile space in the shortest time.

There is such a car that can integrate with people and their lives on a 24-hour basis, and expands from the single automotive field to the areas of entertainment, finance, life, mobility and even home – this is the life scenario based smart car created by New Baojun. It has completely liberated the intelligent mobile space, transcended the limitations of time and space, and truly realized the IoE. Breaking the limitations and barriers of traditional ecosystems to enable sharing of diversified ecosystems – this is the “intelligent mobile space” to be realized by New Baojun, in which the mobile phone will be integrated into the vehicle in an ultra-highly intelligent way, the synchronous connectivity will be realized, and the application of 5G scenarios inside and outside the vehicle will be first implemented.

The World’s First HUAWEI HiCar Equipped Mass-Produced Vehicle Already Put in Place

Today, New Baojun worked hand in hand with Huawei to take an important step. For New Baojun, this is a symbol that it aims to be the leader of the next era; and for Huawei, this is its first step beyond communication ecosphere. At the launch event, the first mass-produced model equipped with HUAWEI HiCar intelligent connectivity solution – the New Baojun RC-6 was officially unveiled; and from Mar. 2020 on, this solution will be equipped on the complete lineup of New Baojun products.

The New Baojun models equipped with HUAWEI HiCar intelligent connectivity product are able to be interconnected with as many as 130 million Huawei intelligent terminals and software on the market, thus truly realizing the connectivity between vehicle and everything. Based on such an advanced IoE technology, New Baojun has gained possession of multiple black technologies: unconscious connection of mobile phone and IVI, in-vehicle one-button remote home control, fatigue detection by cameras in the car, Android app ecosystem sharing, as well as schedule card, which will roll out to the user in succession sometime in the future.

New Baojun extends the mobile phone apps and services to the vehicle, thus enabling the vehicle and mobile phone as well as other IoT hardware devices to be fully connected, and enjoying the services and convenience brought by the intelligent technology while the vehicle itself is “in motion”.

Cross-border Integration – New Baojun’s Secrete Weapon to Success

In today’s society, the business atmosphere is getting increasingly stronger, and various business forms are ubiquitous. It’s on such a basis that the New Baojun “Intelligent Mobile Space” has established a strong “ecosystem”, which is not closed, but open, to welcome more software and hardware to join in. In view that the future will be featured by mutual benefit & an all-win situation, as well as the shared and cooperative intelligent technologies, New Baojun is crossing the border to integrate with entertainment, travel, finance, life and other eco fields, to create a new mobility life for the user.

Vehicle, as a starter or platform of the IoE, is able to integrate ecosystems of all fields. Only by accessing more intelligent devices and connecting with more software & platforms, could New Baojun Intelligent Mobile Space keep stepping up its pace on the road to intelligentization. However, be it through eco or technical means, creating a more reasonable intelligent mobility mode is what the consumer needs. The creation of a new mobility life by New Baojun is in essence the creation of a product experience that’s beyond the user’s imagination, and empowering the user to control the product, not vice versa – this is the charm of cross-border integration. This is both a “black technology” and a “warm technology” – it’s “black” because its development speed is far beyond other technologies in the real world; it’s “warm” because it makes us feel warm in the heart.

New Baojun has joined with Huawei and other enterprises in opening the door to the IoE, which is truly a big step forward. To the development of China’s automotive industry, this is comparable to the third industrial revolution, and will bring a huge impact that is no less than the previous two, because this time, it’ll start in China and spread across the world.

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