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With the development of CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) vehicles, automobiles are becoming more and more intelligent. However, another important issue that emerges with it – security, especially the in-vehicle infotainment security, has increasingly become a subject of much concern.

At the 3rd Traffic Safety Industry Summit on the eve of Auto Guangzhou (China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition), the cheyun.com joined with the CCID Think Tank – Safety Industry Research Institute in releasing the list of the “Top 100 Enterprises for CASE Vehicle Security in 2019”.   

After the four steps of “Enterprise Application & Submission – First Review for Shortlisting – Expert Review – Final Assessment”, under the guidance of the relevant national industrial safety policies, and from the multiple dimensions of technological innovation capability, industry influence, etc., the 100 most representative enterprises in the key industry chains were selected and made the list.

Among the top 100 enterprises selected, there’s such a company that was the first to propose the concept of “Mobile Phone as IVI”, so that the IVI system can be removed from the vehicle, and the burden on the vehicle can be eased; also, the AI voice interaction feature empowered by its IoV technologies has brought users an ultimate experience in the driving scenario.

CHENG Li, founder of cheyun.com & diandong.com, together with LIU Wenting, Director of CCID Think Tank – Security Technology & Service Research Institute, present the award to PATEO CONNECT+

Having said this, the industry practitioners might have guessed that this enterprise is no other than Shanghai PATEO – a company that has been deeply and intensively cultivating the IoV field for nearly ten years. Perhaps someone may wonder why PATEO could win this award. Simply because of its Qing Mobile IoV? The answer is yes and no.

On the one hand, on basis of its profound accumulation in the industry, including its core competitive advantages in the industry experience, patented technologies and other aspects, PATEO has reflected on the IoV industry from a deeper level, and launched the Qing Mobile IoV technology that could be described as a break with the traditional IoV concept defined by the industry.

On the other hand, as an IoV company, to offer the in-vehicle infotainment service to the user, PATEO inevitably has to access their data, which makes it put more emphasis on the automotive security issue. However, regarding the positioning of PATEO in the automotive security field, Yan TANG, R&D Director of Cloud Platform Department of the company, prefers to see PATEO as an integrator. After all, it’s impossible for any single supplier to solve the security problem alone.

In view of this, it’s not difficult for us to see that the success of PATEO lies in not only the distinctiveness of its products, but more importantly, the technical experience accumulation behind its products as well as its deep insight into the industry trends.

PATEO – An Industry Routine Breaker

What is the foundation for an enterprise to establish itself in an industry? Undoubtedly, it’s the core technology.

Just like Ken (Yilun) YING, Chairman & CEO of PATEO, said before, in the industry, whoever has occupied the commanding heights of IPR has grasped the industry standards in the hand. Based on this strategic thinking, as early as in 2009 when PATEO was newly founded, Ken took the bold step of investing CNY 9 million in the IP. It’s learned that at that time, the total yearly costs of PATEO only stood at CNY 20-30 million, that is to say, the IP-related expenses accounted for 30% of the total.

Ken (Yilun) YING, Chairman & CEO of PATEO

Of course, investment will pay off. According to official statistics, by 2018, PATEO had owned 655 IoV-related patents, ranking first in China and fifth in the world.

According to plan, PATEO had already filed 3,420 patent applications by this Oct., and is set to increase this number to 5,000 by 2020, 85% of which are invention patents. So, it’s no exaggeration to say that it has created many industry firsts. 

What’s more, on the List of China’s Top 500 Companies by Patent previously released, PATEO even comes first in the automotive industry by IoV patents, while also being the number 1 IoV patent holder among the players in the automobile, parts, Internet, NEV, intelligent connectivity and autonomous driving segments in China.

Surely, in addition to the technical advantage, a deep insight into the industry is also essential to an enterprise’s development. Within PATEO, this is manifested in its reflection on the several issues facing the industry:

• First, why can’t we help automakers reduce the cost by CNY 0.7-1.4 billion per year while maintaining a good experience?

• Second, why can’t the IoV hardware completely keep pace with the latest generation of smartphones in terms of the computing power and the performance?

• Thirdly, why is the usage time of the IoV only 2 hours instead of 24 hours?

• Fourthly, why can’t the car company serve its millions or tens of millions of old users the same way it serves the new ones, and gain earnings from closed-loop user operations?

• Fifthly, why can’t we cooperate with smartphone & car companies to gain the underlying capabilities, solve the problem of the car company kidnapped by the Internet, and give the completely open ecosystem back to the user?

Based on its constant reflection on these five issues, and coupled with its core technology superiority, it has, so to speak, broken the industry routine in many aspects, which is most obvious in 2015 and this year.

It’s understood that as early as in 2015, PATEO took the lead in implementing the features of in-vehicle music identification, sending message & navigation to my car, etc., a year earlier than the industry.

Moreover, in the same year, it launched the world’s first Qinggan I.P.D.A product that delivers a faster, more accurate and more stable experience than the top-level configured smartphone of the same era, thus opening an era that is intelligent IVI centric rather than mobile phone connectivity centric.

Also, in 2015, it established the Eco Department. Based on third-party global output, data connection, account binding, API connection and other models of in-depth cooperation, it truly built the all-scenario closed-loop capability, three years earlier than the industry.

This year, the Qing Mobile IoV technology co-launched by PATEO and New Baojun has even disrupted the traditional concept of the IoV defined by the industry; what’s more, within the short period of a few months, the product was updated and iterated for multiple times, representing a break away from the traditional product cycle of the automotive industry.

Specifically, the Qing Mobile IoV system co-created by PATEO and New Baojun connects the user's mobile phone with the car by embedding the PATEO OS & cloud into the former. What’s different from the smartphone mirroring systems such as the Apple CarPlay is that the system is able to fully load the cell phone app ecosystem that the user is accustomed to into the car, including

messages, map navigation and video software. This means that the Internet application ecosystem that the user installs on the car no longer needs to be separated from the cell phone app ecosystem that they are used to.

Also, the evolved version of the “Qing AI 2.0” equipped on the RC-6 and RM-5 is optimized to address the six major problems with the current IVI system, i.e., being overly polite, being mechanical, being dilatory, being retarded, requiring shouting and bad hearing, so that it is able to:

• support the global wakeup free feature;

• support at-will interruption in main interaction scenarios;

• meet the requirement for lengthy voice content input by fast-speaking users;

• memorize and quickly match frequent contacts;

• complete multiple-step input during one round of interaction;

• pick up soft sound and surpass the human ear in noisy environment, etc.

According to Ken, the Qing AI 2.0 is the first product in history that is able to communicate with voice like a human being, boasting a speed 20 times faster than that of the IoV products for luxury vehicles and completely surpassing that of the smartphone experience. It can be said that owing to it, the ultimate IoV experience delivered by New Baojun is able to seckill that of many luxury brand models on the market.

The Qing Mobile IoV technology equipped on the New Baojun RS-3 launched a few days ago has been newly upgraded from five major aspects, namely, in-vehicle connectivity method, the way of searching for & sharing information, application for sharing data between vehicle and mobile phone, in-vehicle instant messaging (IM), as well as the way of interaction between human, vehicle and phone.

In fact, the short product upgrade cycle is only one of the major features of PATEO Qing Mobile IoV technology, its significance to the industry even matters more.

It is well-known in the industry that there is a “weird phenomenon” in the automotive industry, i.e., automakers and IoV companies are very keen on telling how powerful their IoV technology is; however, when it comes to the user level, it is still difficult to change the mobile phone-dominated driving status in the car.

By this Oct., the PATEO Qing Mobile IoV has been running on New Baojun for more than 40 days, then how has it been performing?

According to the data released by New Baojun, the New Baojun intelligent connectivity system has realized remote control of turning on the AC for 62,506 times, completed 60,000 comfortable trips for the user, and allowed the user to use voice command feature to play music for 802,765 times. After the user gets into the car, the system can automatically play their favorite song list.

In addition, the user has used voice feature to send 42,259

messages messages; the Collision Avoidance System has been activated for 1,066 times, meaning saving more than CNY 1 million car repair costs for the user; the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) has been running for a total of 28,787 hours, covering a safe driving distance equivalent to 43 laps around the equator; the TSW (Traffic Sign Warning) has issued 11,173 alerts, equivalent to an exemption of more than 20,000 demerit points for traffic violations for the user; and the LKA (Lane Keeping Assist) has been involved for 554,169 times to save the driver from drowsiness.

Beyond that, with regard to the usage count of the IoV, the daily average IoV usage per vehicle increased by 134% during the period between Sept. and Oct.; in Oct., 82% of the users used the intelligent drive feature on a daily basis; and the daily average proportion of intelligent drive use increased by 69% from Sep. to Oct.

It’s not difficult to see from the data that compared with other IoV platforms, the PATEO Qing Mobile IoV technology could bring the user a superior product experience; and as previously mentioned, PATEO also brings the user an ultimate voice interaction experience.

What’s more, as mentioned above, with the development of the IoV technology, people has paid more attention to data security. As a response, relevant person in charge of New Baojun revealed that the intelligent connectivity system of New Baojun saves all user data on their mobile phones, without touching the account, the interface and the data, while generating no residual data.

That means while using the product, the user doesn’t need to fear that their data might be leaked, which to some extent ensures the user information security.

PATEO – Integrator of Automotive Safety Technology

In fact, addressing user data security issue is only one of the efforts that PATEO has been making in the safety domain. Just as said at the beginning of the article, Yan TANG has positioned PATEO as an integrator in the automotive safety field.

After all, the wide variety of security issues involved in the automotive sector could by no means be solved by one supplier alone; instead, there’re dedicated enterprises deeply and intensively cultivating each of the security technology areas. In view of this, PATEO, based on its accumulation in the industry, has taken on the role of “security technology integrator”, and formed a complete security system.

Specifically, PATEO has developed a full set of security architecture. From hardware, OS, software framework to cloud, the whole security design could meet the security requirements for payment, including the implementation of a safe and secure boot loader to make sure that the ROM is not tampered with. In case that the specific files and resources at the Linux level are damaged, the user can restrict the access to a certain area without affecting the rest. The PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) that enables unified identity authentication and encrypted communications is a core architecture for all security systems. All PATEO communications adopt mutual authentication process / technology.

Regarding the secure storage of client keys and the secure payment in the vehicle, PATEO mainly adopts the TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) technology. For example, the current cooperation between PATEO and UnionPay on facial recognition payment is precisely executed based on this technology. Of course, not everything needs to be placed in the TEE. After all, its execution capacity is limited.

Besides, for the app, PATEO is also working to harden it in an all-round way, including the hardening of the app itself, as well as runtime environment (RTE) and business scenario protection. In addition to technology, PATEO also provides corresponding security designs at the business level, e.g., remote control, and 2 Step Verification (also known as “two-factor authentication” (2FA)).

As for the cloud security, what PATEO is working on at the current stage has reached a relatively mature level, and all its systems are deployed in the public cloud. In this domain, some of its security designs rely on its cooperative CP/SPs, just as in the case of its cooperation with a large cloud service provider; that means PATEO may not be responsible for physical security, but it does have a complete set of corresponding solutions for network security, host data and application security.

What also needs to be highlighted is security audit, covering security incident prevention. In this regard, Yan TANG explained that the security system is not isolated, not geared towards the IoV only, but should offer an integrated solution that covers the overall information security as well as the process & personnel management of the OEM.

Apart from the aforesaid underlying information security issues, in the driving scenario the most important is, of course, the driving safety.

As is known to all, in the current driving scenario, since the IVI could not deliver a superior experience to the user, a majority of drivers would still turn to the mobile phone for navigation and other common functions most of the time.

At the same time, driver’s socializing need in car is unavoidable. Especially

messages users tend to receive and send messages messages while driving, which poses a great threat to driving safety.

Yet for all that, industry players have reached a basic consensus: voice interaction approaches can be used to effectively reduce or avoid user distractions. Given this, Tencent, Baidu and automakers are all vigorously developing the in-vehicle voice interaction technology.

PATEO is no exception. Its voice interaction experience is even better than others. As above-mentioned, the Qing AI 2.0 has addressed the six major problems with voice interaction. PATEO’s success should be, among others, attributed to its heavy investment this year in building a team of hundreds of people and establishing its own ASR, NLU and voice-empowered private cloud platform.

It’s understood that this platform is compatible with the voice capabilities of all CP/SPs as well as the all kinds of mobile phone voice systems; meanwhile, it builds the cloud data analysis and data acquisition capabilities, which forms the engine of the core technology of the PATEO Qing AI voice platform.

Furthermore, recently PATEO launched the Qing Cloud Plus customer-tailored AI voice platform. Based on its technology and experience accumulation, PATEO has incorporated AISpeech voice technologies into the platform, and thus formed PATEO’s own platform-based service center. The biggest advantage of this system lies in the openness of the platform, which means it can gain access to other partners’ technologies and applications as well as the voice platforms of various voice CP/SPs, so as to provide top-quality services for the auto company.

Through aggregation and opening-up, PATEO has made big progress in the voice functions, with “human-vehicle dialogue” basically realized, which helps reduce hazardous driving behaviors.

Of course, apart from the car navigation and OTA update functions, this platform will continue to expand towards the multiple aspects of vehicle control, hotel booking, mobile payment, auto insurance, etc., so that it could offer all-scenario information and services as well as relevant support covering all aspects of car life in the future.

In this sense, it’s not difficult for us to understand that when other IoV systems are still limited to such primitive areas as security & rescue, vehicle control, music, map, weather, news, traffic violations inquiry, vehicle service, audio book and communication, PATEO has already made arrangements for the future, covering services for rigid driving demand, traveling by car, life, mobile phone & IoT, vehicle and mobility, as well as solutions that help car companies achieve the fully compatible payment capabilities.

Conclusion by Cheyun.com:

To sum up, PATEO deserves the title of “Top 100 Enterprises for CASE Vehicle Security in 2019”. After all, no matter in terms of its accumulation in the industry, the distinctiveness of its products, or its overall arrangement in the security field, it could be hailed as a top-notch performer in the industry.

However, in the days to come, just as Ken puts it, the IoV will definitely usher into an era featured by an all-win situation; to put it another way, “opening leads to survival, while closing leads to certain death.” Therefore, be it PATEO, the Internet company, or the auto company, what matters most to those engaged in the IoV sector is still the win-win cooperation.

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