Core Concept
If we can reduce the total time of congestion per use by 2 years in China, We can effectively improve the quality of human life.

PATEO CONNECT+ navigation engineer

PATEO Soul:Benevolence
With firm belief, PATEO employees are dedicated to design with soul. It is a wish of PATEO to help reduce traffic fatalities and expand human lifespan.
Principle for hiring: Ingenuity
Art works have their soul and craftsmen shall be modest during the making processing. It is a requirement of PATEO that all employees pay attention to details and follow the spirit of bamboo, namely, making profound accumulation and achieve rapid growth. Meanwhile, all team members should have curiosity, modesty and thirst for knowledge when at work.
Design philosophy: Meditation
All good things can stand up to close examination. Following such a concept, PATEO is very careful and serious during selection of materials, technology, color, industrial design, and product experience. Besides, PATEO will constantly update its products according to user habits to enhance their dependency and trust.
Product philosophy: Initial mission
Simplicity helps people understand the essence of products. PATEO pursues simple user interaction, and design products according to the concept of purity. It develops user-oriented products by integrating GUI, VUI, BUI, HUI and AI.
Marketing philosophy: Sincerity
Sincerity helps PATEO build up reputation. During the marketing process, PATEO sticks to "integrity" instead of "exaggeration", believing that high-quality product can speak for itself. Exaggeration, false information or devaluing competitor products can do no good to promotion of PATEO products. Instead, good taste and sincerity can help PATEO build a high reputation, which has been a practice of PATEO over the years.
R&D culture: Enjoyment
We believe a talent can make more contribution than several mediocre people. It is a belief in PATEO that outstanding people cannot tolerate mediocre people. We prefer employees who work miracles in short time over inefficient ones who work late at night.
Unlike traditional automotive companies, PATEO firmly believes that one outstanding engineer or designer can make more contribution to the company than several mediocre ones. Elites and small cross-functional teams can have great capabilities. The core competitiveness of PATEO lies in quick decision, fast development rapid user iteration. It is firmly believed that PATEO shall take the lead in product development, design and innovations. Moreover, we shall not be distracted by other hot topics, but be devoted to the Telematics industry.
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