Tribute to 2018 & Struggle in 2019
  • 2018
  • “We LoveInternet of Vehicles,GivingWings of Imaginationto the Car.”
  • “We Believe inLove,Making All DifficultiesEasy.”
  • “We Choose toBelieve,Making All Arduous EffortsSignificant.”
  • “We Respect theChoiceTurning All Doubts into Trust.”
  • “We Desire forRespectDignifying All Knowledge.”
  • “We Understand the Desire, Making All Complexity Simple.”
  • “We Are Awed by the Understanding, Making All WisdomOriginal and Ingenious.”
  • “We Feel Grateful for the Awe, Making the Diverse & Confused World Go into a Perfect Order.”
  • “Only with Gratitude, Will We Be Selected by the Times.”
  • ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
  • Jan. 2018

      • “Although these days (I’m) having a high fever of nearly 40°C, today (I) still have to post a message on messages. I know how much our PATEO teams across different business & technical fields are pushing the envelope, and I also know how crazy our hardware & software teams are working overtime, to hurry up the delivery of the 2019 digital cockpit product. Just now, the PATEO hardware team lighted up the world’s first NXP i.MX8 QuadMax driven digital cockpit with the top-of-the-line configuration of four A53 cores, two A72 cores and 16-shader GPU. When each of our teams becomes unconquerable and indestructible, and is able to toast a success and remedy a failure with utmost strength, the PATEO business will be able to maintain a vigorous growth momentum at all times! Please don’t express concern about my health in your reply (but thanks anyway!). Please cheer for another cutting-edge core technology of PATEO! PATEO teams deserve everyone’s applause! Another ‘world’s first’ has been added into PATEO’s innovation portfolio, signifying the ‘world’s first’ development for the next generation platforms of NXP, Qualcomm, NVIDIA & Intel.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Jan. 8
        Hongqi Digital Cockpit created by PATEO and Hongqi teams appeared at the site of Hongqi brand launch event attended by Chairman Xu Liuping.
      • Jan. 11
        Lu Qi appeared in the CES exhibition area to experience PATEO intelligent IVI for himself.
      • Jan. 12
        PATEO joined hands with Baidu and BAIC to showcase the intelligent IVI products to be equipped on mass-produced models at CES 2018.
      • Jan. 18
        PATEO team made a major breakthrough by lighting up the first automotive grade NXP i.MX8 QuadMax based smart cockpit, making PATEO the first successful user across the whole world.
      • Jan. 19
        The winners of “2017 China Automotive Parts Industry Award” were released. PATEO Group won the “Annual Contribution Award in the IoV Category” with G-Netlink, an information technology for intelligent IoV.
      • Jan. 24
        PATEO signed an agreement with IDC Finance (Peking University’s holding company) for the admission to the Artificial Intelligence Industry Application Alliance as a corporate member.
      • Jan. 25
        PATEO was granted the special honor of “The Most Innovative IoV Brand in 2017” at GGAI Automotive Industry Annual Conference 2017.
      • Jan. 25
        PATEO and Beijing Qihu Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Jan.
        PATEO and Beijing Xiaocong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Jan.
        Hongqi Smart Cockpit Industrial Design Project was launched.
  • Feb. 2018

      • “After receiving a notice late in the afternoon, (we) got aboard from three places in two hours and gathered from a thousand miles away. After the overnight construction and commissioning, it’s now ready to be reviewed by the leaders.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Feb.
        The IVI hardware + Android + Kanzi LCD instrument version was sealed and released for FAW Hongqi to showcase at the automotive exhibition to be held in Apr. 2018.
      • Feb.
        Official SOP of a network connection product for PDI of the 2008 models of Dongfeng Peugeot-Citroën Automobile Co., Ltd. (DPCA).
      • Feb. 8
        BAIC BJEV + Baidu + PATEO = X
      • Feb. 26
        PATEO and Shenzhen Ultimate Music Culture and Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
  • Mar. 2018

      • “Every day, so many meetings at PATEO. The encouragement of leaders, the expectations of domestic and international customers, the trust of the industry giants, and the fight side by side one after another shown in the messages groups. PATEO team will always keep in mind that few words, many deeds, and completion of IoV products & services with each and every one featuring Ultimate Quality • Ultimate Experience • Ultimate Intelligence is the only name of the game.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Mar. 1
        Witnessed the formal establishment of “National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center”, the second national technology innovation center after National Innovation Center of High Speed Train. PATEO is honored to be one of its 21 initiators, and will shoulder the responsibilities of the Intelligent Vehicle & Internet of Vehicles Sub-center in the future and accomplish the mission!
      • Mar. 8
        PATEO and Shanghai Fa Lv Information Technology Co., Ltd. ( signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.
      • Mar. 17
        When growing together with its customers, PATEO received the “Excellent Supplier Award”; and after one year and a half, the next-generation Boyue product would be launched soon.
      • Mar. 21
        Dedicated to in-depth cultivation of IoV through cooperation & alliance – PATEO talked freely about its blueprint for the IoV, and also in the capacity of an IoV enterprise leader that participated in a Huawei event to help boost the IoV development.
      • Mar. 23
        PATEO was invited to take part in “BMW China Open Innovation Day 2018” event in Shenzhen, and participated in the speech and discussion on “Interconnection”.
      • Mar. 23
        Wu Qing, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, and Huang Ou, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, went to PATEO for investigation. Wu Qing visited the intelligent onboard system and smart cockpit prototype system of PATEO, debriefed Ken (Yilun) Ying, the Founder & Chairman, on the development of Shanghai PATEO, and expressed the hope that PATEO as an industry leader gives full play to its advantages including strong R&D capability and wide business layout, to strengthen innovation in technology, products and services, further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, lead and promote the development of intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) industry, and contribute more to the brand of “Made in Shanghai”.
      • Mar. 27
        At “China Info 100” forum, Ken (Yilun) Ying, Chairman of PATEO Group, announced that the product jointly developed with Baidu had been able to get the results desired by users by inputting a large number of conditions through voice at a time, and this system would be equipped on the models of a self-owned auto brand.
      • Mar. 28
        KPMG focused on the development of automotive technology in Chinese enterprises, and for the first time released the list of Leading Auto Tech 50 companies in China. PATEO Group, as a leader in the IoV field, is among them.
      • Mar.
        The S11 model of Guoji Zhijun Automotive Co., Ltd. (Zedriv) passed the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) testing at the first attempt, and the DVP was completely passed. The first Qing OS 1.5 IVI mass production project undertaken by Dalian office of PATEO was launched, marking the completion of the building of PATEO Dalian IVI mass production team and the porting of Qing OS 1.5 platform.
      • Mar.
        Responsible for putting in place the system hardware and (China) Unicom line for Porsche E-Call Project in the short term.
  • Apr. 2018

      • “A friend sent an article to me. After reading it, even I was surprised by myself that Dongfeng, BAIC, JLR and FAW have all become deep cooperation partners of PATEO. PATEO is winning the trust of more auto companies through our own efforts, and our value as an independent third-party platform will be growing.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Apr. 9
        The new Dongfeng Peugeot 2008 connected version was launched, equipped with PATEO IoV products and services.
      • Apr. 12
        The Supplier Management Committee of Changan Automobile approved the introduction of PATEO into its supplier system, and the Changan CS75 Project was launched.
      • Apr. 13
        PATEO and NetEase AR signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Apr. 22
        PATEO and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) signed a deep strategic cooperation agreement, according to which the two parties will jointly explore the next-generation in-vehicle intelligent network connection system, intelligent IVI, IoV & software & cloud service platform and future luxury vehicle business model of JLR, and equip the achievements of their cooperation on JLR’s next-generation global models. This was a solid step of PATEO towards the luxury vehicle telematics strategy after partnership with six million-unit car companies last year. At the “Jaguar Land Rover Night” brand event, President Pan mentioned that “(JLR) will work together with PATEO, a leader in the IoV industry, to probe into the innovations in the IoV technology & business model, and utilize the resources of PATEO IoV ecosystem, to open up the future mobility innovation strategy.”
      • Apr. 23
        PATEO ushered the IoV into the age of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the true sense, exemplified by the joint launch of WindLink 3.0 AI-empowered IVI system by PATEO, DFM and Baidu DuerOS, as well as the debut of Dongfeng Fengshen smart cockpit at 2018 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2018).
      • Apr. 23
        WindLink 3.0 AI-experience-enabled digital cockpit and IoT-empowered Smart Home & car interconnection experience was launched in Dongfeng Intelligent Network Connection Experience Zone.
      • Apr. 24
        At the Dongfeng booth at Beijing Automotive Exhibition, Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), experienced the WindLink 3.0 AI-empowered IVI system jointly developed by Dongfeng Fengshen, PATEO and Baidu DuerOS.
      • Apr. 24
        Miao Wei, the Secretary of the Party Group and the Minister of Industry and Information Technology, experienced the WindLink 3.0 AI-empowered IVI system jointly developed by Dongfeng Fengshen, PATEO and Baidu DuerOS.
      • Apr. 24
        Xu Liuping, Chairman of FAW Group, and Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, visited Hongqi intelligent cockpit empowered by PATEO.
      • Apr. 24
        Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, led Xu Ping, Chairman of China South Industries Group Corporation, Zhang Baolin, Chairman of Changan Automobile, Zhu Huarong, President of Changan Automobile and others in visiting the products of PATEO and Baidu DuerOS.
      • Apr. 25
        The conceptual intelligent cockpit co-created by Hongqi and PATEO – Hongqi Digital Cockpit was unveiled at Beijing Automotive Exhibition booth, enabling AI-empowered data visualization, intelligent entertainment & appreciation / listening, intelligent information, platinum flight, private butler, intelligent IoT, emergency green channel, as well as secure cloud services.
      • Apr. 25
        At Beijing Automotive Exhibition, the releases of Jaguar Land Rover, Dongfeng Motor Corporation & BAIC brands; Dongfeng Fengshen WindLink 3.0 product and configuration of 100% of future Dongfeng models; BAIC BJEV Darwin System & EU5 product and configuration of 100% of future platforms of BAIC Motor & BJEV; together with Dongfeng Fengshen WindLink 3.0 digital cockpit, FAW Hongqi digital cockpit and product SOP of PSA Group and Dongfeng Motors, have all exemplified that the products delivering ultimate experience are always the king! PATEO has been working together with Baidu DuerOS and other partners with its original intention kept in mind and in a down-to-earth manner to yield the best results to contribute to the automotive industry both in China and around the world.
      • Apr. 26
        Mayor Ying Yong and his entourage visited Baoshan Nanda Ecological Zone and debriefed PATEO on planning & conception for IoV industry cluster.
      • Apr.
        The demo featuring NXP i.MX 8QuadMax based development board + hypervisor + digital instrument cluster (based on Linux + QML) + Android O was lighted, symbolizing that PATEO has obtained a leading position in the R&D of NXP-based smart cockpit SoC product.
  • May 2018

      • “For a whole day, (I’ve) communicated with an auto company on new business. In this industry, if you can’t stand on the shoulders of giants, you’ll even have no idea how you were eliminated. So simply live and learn.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • May 11
        PATEO joined hands with BSRC to launch a million RMB BBP at DEF CON CHINA. The whole event was particularly hot. Several foreign whizzes successively found two helpers. They turned out to be top experts in automotive bus technology, saying they didn’t nail it, and would continue tomorrow. PATEO firmly believes that under the impetus of such geek spirit, the safety & security of the IoV will enter a new stage. Of course, there’s still a lot of safety & security work to be done, which will be presented to you by PATEO step by step. In many aspects, others are copying the form, while PATEO is deploying the connotation.
      • May 16
        Nian Yong, Director of Department of Industrial Coordination (DIC) of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), Gao Guohua, Chairman of SDIC Fund Management Company Ltd. (SDIC Fund Management) and their entourages paid a visit to Shanghai PATEO for investigation; officials in charge of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission (SMDRC) accompanied them for relevant investigation and discussion. Director Nian Yong debriefed PATEO on its future development planning and industrial layout.
      • May 24
        The LCD instrument cluster based on iMx6QP + QNX + Kanzi was completed, marking that PATEO has initially possessed the ability of instrument products.
      • May 26
        PATEO and Kuwo Music signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • May 30
        PATEO won the “Forward-looking Intelligence Pioneer Award” in the selection of Excellent Auto Parts Enterprises in China.
      • May 31
        Ya-Qin Zhang, President of Baidu; Chen Zhi, Vice Chairman of China UnionPay; Zheng Li, NXP Global Senior Vice President and President of Greater China; Li Yixiu, Executive General Manager of BAIC BJEV; and Ken (Yilun) Ying, founder of PATEO, have been conducting intelligent network connection information security strategic cooperation, and spent three years in jointly creating a series of first-generation new products, including the automotive grade payment / authentication / eSIM chip, UnionPay standard for in-vehicle payment, PATEO & Baidu Cloud IVI solution and PATEO car wallet, which would be launched soon, and first equipped on the full line of products of BAIC BJEV.
      • May
        The JIRA system was officially introduced, marking that all projects of the company have been included in the scope of quality information management, which has improved the company's R&D efficiency and provided data support for the management's rapid decision-making.
      • May
        PATEO Design Center was officially established, joined by a galaxy of outstanding industrial & HMI designers in the industry.
  • Jun. 2018

      • “In the future, traditional automobiles, traditional marketing and traditional channels will all face great challenges. The IoV will be a trigger for changes of this industry, just like the wrench opening the beer bottle.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Jun. 7
        PATEO and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Jun. 13
        Bill (Yi) Zhang, PhD, Vice President of Business Operations of PATEO Group, put forward at a conference session of CES Asia themed “Secure a Decisive Victory in the New Era of Smart Cars” that “The future is an integration. We hope to provide automakers with the ‘Workshop for Final Assembly of Internet Capabilities’”, so as to establish different capabilities based on different needs and achieve diversified empowerment.
      • Jun. 18
        BAIC visited Suning to explore the use of Internet thinking to enhance user experience and strengthen deep strategic cooperation. PATEO participated in the cooperation discussion as the sole representative of the IoV field.
      • Jun. 25
        PATEO introduced a new solution: Use an innovative virtual key technology to replace the traditional car key, bringing a new user experience, solving users’ pain point that the traditional key must be carried about, and providing one-stop solutions for new energy and shared mobility as well.
      • Jun. 29
        SOP of BAIC BJEV EU5 equipped with PATEO IoV products & services and based on Darwin System, marking the initiation of the “AI-Empowered Darwin System Age”.
      • Jun. 30
        PATEO showed to BAIC the Bluetooth key demo based on mobile phone, T-Box and cloud.
      • Jun.
        The Lamborghini E-Call Project under the responsibility of the PATEO team was officially launched.
      • Jun.
        The Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle TSP Operation Project was officially launched.
      • Jun.
        The company's “Analysis and Mining of Important Technology Patents in the Internet of Vehicles” Project was awarded Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Coupon worth CNY 300,000 as support.
      • Jun.
        PATEO and AISpeech signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
  • Jul. 2018

      • “I’m very proud to have you with me with no regrets. After a few years, when we have climbed hundreds of mountains and crossed thousands of rivers, occasionally turn around but cannot see them, we’ll still face the drastic changes in the situation with smile. In my life, it’s very rare and wonderful to get acquainted with you, and spend more time with you than with my family. Thank you all! Each and every of you is a top-notch talent in the industry.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Jul. 1
        Today, on the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a headline article on Wen Wei Po made a report on PATEO as a local enterprise supported by the key projects of Shanghai strategic emerging industries. Ken (Yilun) Ying, Chairman of PATEO Group, introduced that in the future, PATEO would give full play to the advantages of the hub platform, openly cooperate & share, focus on the ecological leverage of strategic units, promote the settlement of contractual & equity JVs incorporated by the key nodes on the IoV & IV industry chain in Shanghai, gather global automakers to form a cross-regional cluster, and build all-new services and models in data, software, cloud and other fields for Shanghai intelligent vehicle industry.
      • Jul. 6
        More than 40 people, including Chairman Wei Jianjun, CEO Wang Fengying, VPs Hu Shujie and Zhao Guoqing of Great Wall Motors, attended PATEO’s workshop on IoV.
      • Jul. 19
        Senior Vice President Tan Bing and CFO Daniel (Xiaodan) Li joined the PATEO family. Tan Bing is very experienced in the auto industry, has been involved in many integration cases in the global automotive industry, and enjoys very rich experience in government management, making him one of the very few cross-domain elites in the automotive industry. After joining PATEO, he will provide guidance for PATEO’s strategic planning, industry-city integration, as well as capital & large project operations. Daniel will take on a leadership role in PATEO's financial & capital operations management to make it more standardized.
      • Jul. 26
        PATEO got a notification from Haima Automobile Group about becoming its fixed customer, and would carry out project cooperation with Zhengzhou Haima, FAW Haima and Haima NEV.
      • Jul. 30
        PATEO showed its voice arbitration based Supper App solution to a JV automaker.
      • Jul. 31
        As the only female colleague all along the whole journey, the PATEO test team member worked alongside DFM to carry out the more than 10,000km long road test - 1,000km per day, 13,159km in total, lasting for 13 days, and passing through Wuhan - Quanzhou - Guangzhou - Guiyang - Chongqing - Xining - Golmud - Turpan - Hami - Hohhot - Chifeng - Jinan - Wuhan! May X37 sell well! When compared with competitors, X37 can win outright!
      • Jul.
        The QNX (or Linux) + Kanzi dual system architecture of PATEO LCD instrument cluster is built to support the fast switching between dual systems and the reuse of most contents.
  • Aug. 2018

      • “The open Dubhe Plan is a very broad and practicably implementable grand strategy of Changan Automobile, which was developed through careful consideration. Today, President Zhu Huarong’s speech was very exciting and invigorating. As a core member of the Dubhe project, PATEO is looking forward to contributing to the future of Changan by working with its deep cooperation partners who are also members of Dubhe, i.e., Huawei, Baidu, Tencent and NXP!”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Aug. 2
        PATEO and ChinaPay signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Aug. 3
        The ECE-based UnionPay Payment Demo demonstrates the integration of NXP eSE, completes the SPI driver and T=1 protocol development, realizes the Open Platform AP, integrates the UnionPay TSM SDK and payment SDK to complete the UnionPay Payment Demo.
      • Aug. 3
        PATEO attended a session at BAIC BJEV after the SOP of the connected BAIC BJEV EU5 (already sold 1,000 units) to share experience with Zheng Gang, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Committee of BAIC Group & GM of BAIC BJEV, and teams from both sides. Mr. Zheng concluded that this was the end-to-end IoV product with the best product quality, the strongest execution, and the most unexpected user experience among all IoV suppliers in the history of BAIC BJEV, while also listing seven or eight suppliers that PATEO had surpassed, making us so gratified. Of course, Mr. Zheng also put forward more pertinent and direct suggestions for the next two products of PATEO, which we value a lot. PATEO IoV simply relies on the each and every pragmatic & down-to-earth product and service to establish our brand. Thanks to the participating Baidu DuerOS, BAIC BJEV and PATEO teams, for leaving the best to our next product.
      • Aug. 10
        The AI ecosystem equipped SUV, the new generation Dongfeng Fengshen AX7, made its nationwide debut.
      • Aug. 23
        The smart cockpit product platform based on NXP i.MX 8QuadMax was built, supporting realization of the full features of the Android 8.0-powered IVI and Linux-and-Kanzi-powered instrument cluster on basis of Hypervisor.
      • Aug. 23
        In addition to flight information, PATEO has also gained access to flight check-in, making itself one of the only two enterprises in the whole automotive industry and even the mobile phone industry to offer such a service, while the other one is Umetrip.
      • Aug. 24
        The open Dubhe Plan is a very broad and practicably implementable grand strategy of Changan Automobile, which was developed through careful consideration. Today, President Zhu Huarong’s speech was very exciting and invigorating. As a core member of the Dubhe project, PATEO is looking forward to contributing to the future of Changan by working with its deep cooperation partners who are also members of Dubhe, i.e., Huawei, Baidu, Tencent and NXP!
      • Aug. 31
        PATEO, the leader of China’s IoV industry, officially passed the IAT­F16949 certification. The IAT­F16949 quality management system is the organization and implementation standard for the production parts and related service parts, as well as the global standard for the quality management system of the automotive industry. Today, after two years of hard work, PATEO successfully passed the certification, indicating that PATEO has built a quality management system that fully meets the requirements of the user in the automotive industry.
      • Aug.
        The algorithm of the 360° Surround View System was equipped and tested on the i.MX6 powered IVI.
      • Aug.
        PATEO held the aftersales training for nationwide dealers before the launch of DFM's new product. PATEO provides 24/7 aftersales technical support nationwide, while offering product training and technical coaching to dealers.
      • Aug.
        A milestone of the Zhijun Auto S11 project - successfully displayed the mass-produced IVI to hundreds of sales & technical staff of the SINOMACH Group, with NEV (New Energy Vehicles)-oriented product innovation well received by the user.
      • Aug.
        Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC held the kick-off meeting for a special NEV project as a part of the National Key Research and Development Program of China. PATEO attended the meeting as one of the undertakers of the project.
      • Aug.
        PATEO began preparations for the overall planning of the Shanghai smart mobility platform and received great support from the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. This technology platform will optimize the transport & mobility structure, improve vehicle utilization rate, and solve the last kilometer mobility service problem, while easing urban traffic congestion.
      • Aug.
        BAIC BJEV EU5 became a big seller against the market trend, with sales volume doubled YoY.
  • Sept. 2018

      • “Suddenly found that PATEO has created another first: The first to enable personalization in a mass-produced vehicle environment based on voiceprint recognition, to achieve the ‘one size fits one’ IoV service. We talk too much about concepts, but it is really difficult to turn every idea and concept into the mass-produced pre-market products. PATEO is the first in the world to set foot in 3G telematics, the first to use Android Auto, the first to use mobile interconnection, the first to send messages message to vehicle, the first to integrate song recognition feature, the first to apply the automotive grade OS, the first to apply OTA, the first to adopt “natural language” in-car system, the first to avoid congestion, the first to introduce incremental updates, the first to use non-reflective glass, the first to offer complete PaaS & SaaS cloud services, the first to provide the closed-loop transaction & mobility service that covers e-commerce, IoT, air ticket, hotel and food, the first to enable fully compatible payment, and the first to adopt the chip-level security authentication solution... Through innovation, PATEO has harvested nearly 2,000 patents (85% are invention patents), far ahead of the industry, and today, we have won one more first. Taking innovation as our mission to help our clients and partners create the products and services distinguished by “Ultimate Quality, Ultimate Experience and Ultimate Interaction”, PATEO will continue leading the IoV industry.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Sept. 11
        PATEO was awarded the GWM (Great Wall Motors) N6N project, representing another heavyweight client secured by the PATEO team that year.
      • Sept. 14
        The Qing OS intelligent onboard system, unveiled at the Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo by China Telecom, has laid a foundation for the realization of the entire IoV ecosystem by linking up the vehicle infrastructure data, user data and cloud API.
      • Sept. 16
        Taobao was founded that year, and on the same day this year, a PATEO business line that’s as important as Taobao was created.
      • Sept. 19
        Chairman of PATEO, Ken (Yilun) Ying attended the ICV Thematic Forum of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2018, and shared a keynote speech titled The Impact of AI Technology on the Automotive Industry.
      • Sept. 25
        The first Board of Director meeting (preparatory meeting) of the JV between China Telecom and PATEO was held.
      • Sept. 26
        PATEO won the “Award for Contribution to the Development of Intelligent Interconnection for Chinese Auto”. As a matter of fact, the prize itself is not important. What’s important is to fight alongside all industrial giants to create and share value.
      • Sept. 27
        China Automotive Technology & Research Center Co., Ltd. (CATARC) and PATEO entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, to work together for the standardization of IoV and ICV.
      • Sept. 27
        The unveiling ceremony of the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Tianjin) (hereinafter referred to as “National Center”) hosted by China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) successfully took place in Tianjin. In the meantime, to guide the National Center to better serve the industry, the Committee of Experts of the National Center was established. Elected as Vice Chairman of the Committee, Founder of PATEO Group, Ken (Yilun) Ying accepted the letter of appointment.
      • Sept. 30
        Huawei and PATEO Germany Team carried out in-depth communication at Skoda.
      • Sept.
        The instrument in the charge of PATEO Dalian the IVI in the charge of PATEO Shanghai and the Hypervisor + 360 AVM in the charge of PATEO Shenyang were jointly integrated in PATEO Dalian, with the phase I R&D goal for the smart cockpit platform products successfully achieved, and the first software version successfully released.
      • Sept.
        Zhejiang Bochuang, a self-built factory of PATEO, officially started land survey, with the Procurement Department leading the bidding.
      • Sept.
        After a long period of discussion and research, and through integrating multiple solutions, the direction and prototype of PATEO's next-generation HMI was established, which forms a unique style.
  • Oct. 2018

      • “At HUAWEI CONNECT, Huawei and PATEO signed a memorandum on strategic cooperation. We are very much looking forward to providing automotive customers with first-class solutions for international and domestic IoV products and businesses, and will continue adhering to the open concept of “value creation & value sharing”, with the aim of upholding inclusiveness with all industrial giants and embracing changes in the era.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Oct. 7
        PATEO and Mapbox Inc. signed a strategic cooperation agreement on evaluation of vision Software Development Kit (SDK).
      • Oct. 9
        At HUAWEI CONNECT 2018, the Connected Vehicle + AI booth of PATEO showcased a future-oriented smart product – the smart cockpit system that integrates advantageous hardware & software technologies, combines with Huawei cloud ecosystem and leverages the redefined HMI, capable of perception, understanding mobility and performing multiple roles, and thus able to serve various life scenarios in an extensive manner. In this debut, this E-Cockpit frequently dominated the site.
      • 10月10日
        At HUAWEI CONNECT, Huawei and PATEO signed a memorandum on strategic cooperation. We are very much looking forward to providing automotive customers with first-class solutions for international and domestic IoV products and businesses, and will continue adhering to the open concept of “value creation & value sharing”, with the aim of upholding inclusiveness with all industrial giants and embracing changes in the era.
      • Oct. 13
        The new generation AX7 has become a “best seller” with a sales volume of over 10,000 units in half a month.
      • Oct. 15
        The demo of a mobile phone-based IoV product was approved by Wuling Motors, signifying that the IVI-based IoV has officially moved into the era in which mobile phone and IVI are concurrently used 24 hours per day.
      • Oct. 18
        PATEO participated in the World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference, to showcase its futuristic smart products.
      • Oct. 19
        A project review meeting is the best opportunity for experience sharing among all supervisors. PATEO has won many of the global and domestic firsts. It is just through such experience sharing that our team is becoming more mature and more capable of implementation.
      • Oct. 22
        Today, the main force for the Wuling project assembled at the swearing ceremony, with Army Commander acting as Regimental Commander, and Division Commander as Company Commander. We must win this battle that’s meaningful to the history of China's IoV!
      • Oct. 24
        Behind every project are the countless painstaking efforts of the customers, PATEO and its partners. PATEO has been working hard in a down-to-earth manner, and never carries out publicity during the R&D process.
      • Oct. 24
        Official SOP of the BAIC C53F project, adopting Qing OS 1.5 and integrating DuerOS 2.0 system.
      • Oct. 24
        BAIC, PATEO and UAES co-launched the driving power manager for BAIC vehicle model, C53.
      • Oct. 25
        PATEO and Meituan signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Oct. 25
        PATEO and Chezhubang (Beijing) Science & Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Oct. 30
        SOP of the C51 project of BAIC BJEV, adding a new member of SUV to the Darwin family.
      • Oct. 30
        The TEE product is implemented in the integrated TrustKernel TEE solution of the BAIC C53 project, based on which the secure storage and encryption / decryption of TA are completed. The PKI solution is implemented in the BAIC C53 project to achieve the two-way authentication and encrypted communication with the cloud (by use of HTTPS and TLS). PATEO and BAIC jointly released a remote vehicle control solution based on a mini App.
      • Oct. 30
        The demo porting of Qinggan OS 1.5 to the NXP i.MX 8QuadMax + Android 8.1 platform was successfully completed.
      • Oct.
        A cockpit demo that adopted a new type of biometrics based HMI solution for a well-known JV was delivered.
  • Nov. 2018

      • “Today, the JV between PATEO and a central government-led auto group was officially established. Thank the leaders of the auto group, as well as the officials at all levels of Changxing, Huzhou for their great support. PATEO will work hand-in-hand with giants in the auto, Internet, technology, communications, retail, finance, insurance and other industries, to remain true to our original aspirations and forge ahead towards the value-creating and value-sharing IoV undertaking.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Nov. 2
        PATEO and Shenzhen SenseTime Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Nov. 6
        At the “2018 Suning Global Supply Chain Summit” held at the first China International Import Expo, and PATEO reached an in-depth strategic cooperation. Both parties will refine the layout of smart retail, while at the same time intensifying the arrangements in the new retail, new finance and new mobility fields in the future, so as to promote win-win cooperation.
      • Nov. 13
        The Volvo On Call (VOC) Customer Service Center operated by PATEO won the “China Best Customer Contact Center Award” and the “Best Service Experience Award for China Customer Contact Center”.
      • Nov. 16
        PATEO officially entered the SGMW supplier system by becoming one of the fixed suppliers of SGMW projects, with the aim to jointly develop an innovative futuristic IoV form to meet the needs of SGMW customers; at the same time, discussions with SGMW on the future cooperation in the new finance, new retail and other areas of the IoV will be carried out.
      • Nov. 18
        Ken (Yilun) Ying, Chairman of PATEO, was joined by 80 senior executives of PATEO to discuss the core development goals of the company for five hours. When Ken asked how many of them would like to work with PATEO for the rest of their life, almost all team members raised their hands. What’s most precious to us is each and every PATEO people. I am deeply grateful that you believe in such an unprecedented dream that you have never seen before, and take steps towards the rejuvenation dream of the Chinese nation.
      • Nov. 18
        The greatest competitiveness of PATEO lies in our “battle-hardened” and highly coherent veteran team dedicated to all areas of the IoV. From 2010 to 2015, and from 2016 to 2018 (the pictures show the key meetings during this period), PATEO strode across two stages. We expect that we can continue leaving one or two of our group photos every year from 2018 to 2020. Every milestone in the history of China's IoV is created step by step by you, who look up at the starry sky, aiming higher while keeping feet on the ground with a down to earth attitude, to make constant efforts for the IoV products and services featuring “Ultimate Quality, Ultimate Experience and Ultimate Interaction”.
      • Nov. 20
        Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, Zhou Bo and his entourage watched with great interest the demonstration of the innovative IoV products recently developed by PATEO, including smart cockpit and AI interactive system, while also debriefing Ken (Yilun) Ying, Chairman of PATEO, on the exploration and innovation that PATEO has made in the IoV sector over the past nine years, the future IoV-focused positioning, mission and the “Two-Step” development strategy, as well as the countermeasures to cope with the window period of strategic development opportunities. While fully acknowledging the development achievements of PATEO, with regard to the opinions and suggestions on innovative development and business expansion brought forward by the company, he pointed out to personnel from Shanghai Municipal Financial Service Office, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization and Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Committee accompanying him for the investigation that: they should in accordance with the issues and appeals that private innovative enterprises face during the critical period of their operation and development, clearly define the specific work requirements in terms of broadening financing channels, supporting enterprises to go public, and accelerating business expansion, and then take practical measures to fully support the development of innovative enterprises.
      • Nov. 24
        PATEO and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Nov. 26
        Bochuang IoV, a JV of BAIC BJEV, was officially established.
      • Nov. 29
        The list of Top 100 Enterprises in China’s ICV Industry Chain was released, on which PATEO Group was only preceded by Huawei and Baidu.
      • Nov. 30
        Official SOP of the built-in 4G module for the BAIC C53F project, adopting Qing OS 1.5 and integrating DuerOS 2.0 system.
      • Nov.
        PATEO and leting-toutiao signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Nov.
        PATEO won three honors, i.e., “Shanghai IoV Enterprise Technology Center”, “Shanghai IoV Engineering Technology Center”, and “Expert Committee of Shanghai IoV Engineering Technology Center”.
  • Dec. 2018

      • “Today the IP Department informed me that the number of IPRs owned by PATEO has reached 2,676 (83% are invention patents). On the first day of business when we only had RMB 30 million, we invested RMB 10 million in the field of intellectual property. Though everyone laughed at us and didn’t understand, PATEO has been attaching consistent importance to the IoV IPRs for nine years in a row. Today, PATEO’s IP in the fields of IoV and intelligent network connection ranks No. 1 in China (and No. 5 among international brands). We know this is just the beginning. The most effective way to protect innovation is to pay high attention to the protection of IPRs.”

        ——Founder & Chairman of PATEO Group: Ken (Yilun) Ying
      • Dec. 1
        The Baidu Indoor High Definition (HD) Map for Automatic Parking Project, the R&D of which involved PATEO, was initiated.
      • Dec. 3
        PATEO and Ximalaya, together with Dongfeng AX7, held the Ximalaya FM 123 Carnival.
      • 12月04日
        Today the IP Department informed me that the number of IPRs owned by PATEO has reached 2,676 (83% are invention patents). On the first day of business when we only had RMB 30 million, we invested RMB 10 million in the field of intellectual property. Though everyone laughed at us and didn’t understand, PATEO has been attaching consistent importance to the IoV IPRs for nine years in a row. Today, PATEO’s IP in the fields of IoV and intelligent network connection ranks No. 1 in China (and No. 5 among international brands). We know this is just the beginning. The most effective way to protect innovation is to pay high attention to the protection of IPRs.
      • Dec. 7
        PATEO and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
      • Dec. 15
        The 6th Xuanyuan Award Special Award for AI Practice was awarded to Dongfeng Aeolus AX7. The user-centric interaction system of Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 not only allows for accurate speech recognition, but is also able to understand customer intentions; demonstrates an outstanding performance in the dimensions that are highly relevant to the user, e.g., information display, voice control and functional diversity; and deeply integrates with the online ecosystem, enabling pushing scenario-based convenient services to the user.
      • Dec. 15
        At the Xuanyuan Award review site, there were hardly any JV brands entering the leading level. The WindLink 3.0 (jointly developed by PATEO, DFM and Baidu) and NIO (having invested tens of billions of yuan) were the only two enterprises that had made it to the leading level among international and Chinese self-owned brands, which was truly authoritative.
      • Dec. 16
        With only six awards, the Xuanyuan Award spanned 99 days and involved 55 experts, who upheld the spirit of “independent of commercial interest, independent of power and independent of relationship” to ensure true objectivity and impartiality. Winner of the “Special Award for AI Practice” this time, Dongfeng Aeolus AX7, was developed by PATEO and its partners.
      • Dec. 20
        PATEO Changchun R&D Center was established, with other R&D centers concurrently present in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Dalian, Shenzhen and Frankfurt.
      • Dec. 21
        PATEO won the “Award for Annual R&D Contribution to Dongfeng Fengshen” at the 2018 Supplier Conference of Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company.
      • Dec. 21
        BAIC Senova Zhidao was launched, equipped with the intelligent onboard system that was jointly created by PATEO, Baidu, Ctrip, TravelSky, Kuwo, ETCP and many other partners in two years.
      • Dec. 22
        Communicated with Elton Huang, Senior Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), to discuss PATEO’s further cooperation with the accounting firm.
      • Dec. 24
        The senior management of PATEO communicated with Huang Tao, Vice President of Bank of Shanghai (BOS), and other executive managers of BOS on in-depth cooperation in financial technology (fintech) and the future development of PATEO.
      • Dec. 26
        PATEO fulfilled the second round of equity incentive plan. A great equity incentive mechanism never kidnaps the team, but shows genuine gratitude to everyone for their contribution and creation, so that we can work together to accomplish the future of PATEO and China’s IoV industry.
      • Dec. 26
        China International Capital Corporation Limited visited PATEO to discuss such topics as in-depth cooperation with PATEO, securities and IPO.
      • Dec. 27
        Ken (Yilun) Ying, Founder of PATEO met with Ren Jun, Vice President, Secretary & Director of Suning Commerce Group Co., Ltd., and Yan Lida, President of Huawei EBG, and visited Huawei, to jointly discuss the tripartite cooperation between Suning-Huawei-PATEO on IoT in the future.
      • Dec. 27
        The PATEO Changxing intelligent network connection factory completed trial piling, and officially entered the construction phase.
      • Dec. 28
        Gratitude from a Volvo user: After the car owner was put in danger in a rollover accident, the onboard device automatically dialed in the Volvo On Call (VOC) Service Center. Our Customer Service Representative immediately contacted the emergency rescue service and stayed with the owner patiently until successful rescue. Today, the owner, along with his family, came all the way to the VOC Service Center to thank our service guy in person.
      • Dec. 28
        Ken (Yilun) Ying, Founder of PATEO, and Liu Donghao, President of Auto Company (Suning Auto), joined each other to discuss profound cooperation in 2019, during which both sides made in-depth exchange on future mobility and the future planning of an auto factory in Nanjing.
      • Dec. 30
        The independently developed Qing OS security solution meeting the national intelligent security standard was launched, to enhance the security capabilities of the OS platform. Such features as SELinux enabling & configuration, secure boot (HAB + dm-verity) and system security patching have been achieved in X37 and C35F projects, and the full features (including secure OTA, secure audit, firewall and intrusion detection) are planned to be implemented in Changan CS75 project.
      • Dec. 30
        SOP of the C35 project of BAIC BJEV, adding a new member to the Darwin family.
      • Dec.
        The MNO of Qing Cloud gained access to the China Telecom Platform (henceforth, the cloud platform supports another telecom carrier, China Telecom).
      • Dec.
        PATEO and ChinaPay signed a strategic cooperation agreement on ecosystem and payment, in a bid to carry out in-depth cooperation based on UnionPay QuickPass.
  • Every day in PATEO’s venture will leave a mark in history. When we are old and look back at all of these, it will turn out to be a very valuable fragment of our life. And, I strongly believe, probably on the 20th anniversary of PATEO, it will become a historical era created by you. Sincere gratitude and appreciation to each of our 700+ team members and your family.
  • The year 2018 is drawing to an end. In this best era, grateful to our lovely and respectable PATEOers, who keep moving and spiraling up. Their all-conquering willpower as well as fast and powerful ability of execution will definitely turn our sailboat into a warship, and ultimately a huge ship that is able to sail thousands of miles. In the meantime, profound appreciation to the intimate friends of PATEO as well as those who have helped and brought luck to PATEO; and thank the leaders, customers, partners and media friends for their support all along the way!
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